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Rainbow Six Siege is the game that simply goes on. Ubisoft, which was held at the start of an idiot remained and became one of the most popular games of this last generation. Even if Rainbox SIX quarantine is in progress, Ubisoft says that you will continue to support victories, and they certainly do that with big updates to updates. The latest one has arrived now, which brings a lot of compensation and corrections with it.

Rainbow Six Victories Update 2.01 Patnotics

This update links to the Y5S4.2 patch from one and a half weeks and is now referred to as Y5S4.3 on all platforms. There are also a number of file sizes for the update that are as follows for each platform.

Ubisoft Connect: 1.09 GB
Steam: 868.62 MB
Xbox One: 1.57 GB
Xbox Series x: 1.82 GB
PS4: 1.31 GB
PS5: 1.10 GB

You can now find this update for each of the platforms. So download it before you try to play the next time. The full patch notes can be found below or on the UBISOFT website.



The range of explosion damage in breakthrough rounds was reduced to 2 meters (of 3.5 meters).


The total ammunition of the shotgun was increased from 26 to 30 + 1.
Hard Breach Charge Added (Claymore removed)


The cooldown of the Yokai drone jump was reduced from 2 to 2 seconds.
Reduced timeout with drones that are not liable to the ceiling, to 0.5 s (from 2 s)
The cooldown of Sonic Burst was reduced to 16 seconds (of 20 seconds).


Resistance against braiding effects removed
Extra mine was removed in dbno


1-shot-Dnbo from CSRX300 removed.
CSRX300 now has a basic damage of 122 for 25 meters.
100% damage up to 25 meters and falls linearly to 80% (97.6) at 35 meters
Damage to the limbs did not change.


1.5x riflescope from T-5 removed


Claymore Added (Hard Breach Charge removed)


Angle handle from the MP5 removed


1.5-fell area from the vector .45 ACP


Resistance against braiding effects removed
Resist removed
Reduced range of explosion damage from impact grenades to 2 m (previously 3 m)

Ballist shields

The camera punishment during the Guard Break Animation was removed (set to 0)

Fees for heavy violations

Reduced deployment time to 2 seconds (of 3 seconds)
Reduced activation time to 5s (from 6s)

recoil (controller only)

Improved recoil for: ARX, C8, M1014 and TCSG12

Optimizations and improvements

Game Health

game cancellation

The timer has been extended so that unknown players have more time to go back to a running game.
Fixed abuses that occur when players end the first round prematurely, which prevents the opposing team cancel the game.


Style style

Fixed – Disabling Hostage in the matchmaking settings prevents users from integrating matchmaking into a road to Si match.
Fixed – players have reset Loadouts after playing an event.

Level design

Fixed – various LOD problems on banking and stadium cards.
Fixed – The Zero ARGUS camera can drive on the EXT construction site on the clubhouse card through an indestructible floor.
Fixed – shooting the bottles and fast whirling of a player character at a particular place at 1F Pantry can cause all players to lose FPS in the game on the skyscraper card.
Fixed – multiple collision problems on different cards.
Fixed – Extensive line of sight in gaps that are visible on different cards.
Fixed – desk fields in Int Office on the skyscraper card are currently not fragile.
Fixed – various problems in providing and circumcision of gadgets on different maps.
Fixed – the light source on the southwest wall of the 2F penthouse is at the bottom of the northeast wall in the 2F VIP lounge on the stadium map.
Fixed – on the garage roof near the Ext garage of the Kafe Dostoyevsky card and on a police car at the main entrance of the coastline are currently unnecessary safe conditions.
Fixed – A container in the 1F bedroom on the skyscraper card appears above the ground.
Fixed – defenders who stay in the door at 1F back stairs are recognized by attackers and get the message they are recognized on the villa card.
Fixed – Due to fraction fees, the floor in the 2F main bathroom is not destroyed on the villa map sometimes.
Fixed – the decairer can stay in the 2F front office on the consulate card, after destroying the ground or if it dropped between the electric generator and the metal post in Ext West Spawn on the stadium card.
Fixed – Players can cross the vents and the casting near the Ext ventilation staircase or the rapid abseiling of a particular tree on the skyscraper card.
Fixed – Grills over the AC unit on the 3rd floor in the cigar room on the Dostoyevsky Coffee Cafe can not be pounded.
Fixed – attackers can be pushed back from ORYX Remah Dash through the bullet-proof transparent glass in the 1F main lobby on the stadium card.
Fixed – balls can penetrate through the blue run in the 4f Tractor Storage on the Hereford Base Card.
Fixed – Under certain circumstances, operators can float over the ground in the Ext main entrance on the bank card.
Fixed – the lens clips for the safe area with furniture nearby in the nursery on the Hereford Base card.
Fixed – operators can appear with their back to the house in the Ext Side Street on the house map.


Fixed – Maestros Evil Eye Tower, which is used quickly in succession, occasionally causes problems with the gameplay.
Fixed – The crosshair elements of the bailiff .410 are cut off while the operator squats or lies.
Fixed – a wrong hand animation is visible after Caveira Silent Step enabled and executed a melee attack.
Fixed – the sprint with Warden leaves no steps for Jackals Eyenox.
Fixed – Zofia has additional resistance to her concussion projectile and the Grzmot mine from Ela in Road to SI 2021.
Fixed – at the melee shot with Tachankas Shumikha werfer, both hands are clamped into the grenade launcher.
Fixed – Maestros Böser view can be used in the air by placing on Goyos volcanic sign and then the volcanic sign is removed.
Fixed – Tachankas DP-27 LMG destroys only a layer of destructible walls with multiple layers.
Fixed – Audio tones are damped when a secondary Hard Breach Charge is used while sitting on barricades.

User experience

Fixed weapons that have been adapted during the operator selection phase are not visually updated in the menu.
Fixed – the reward Cosplay Manual: Operation Void Edge is currently displaying a wildcard image in Ubisoft Connect-Launcher.
Fixed – After each game session, a pop-up is displayed when the player returns to the main menu.
Fixed – in connection with the event Road to SI 2021 smaller visual problems occur.
Fixed – Risen Headgear Syringe lights up intensively.
Fixed – The welcome pop-up message for users does not always display consistent messages.
Fixed – Hands on courage swamp trek uniform have a visual problem when you hold a weapon.
Fixed – If you invite players to a custom online game, a squad is created, instead of add players to the custom online lobby.
Fixed – For several renomme booster packages, the R6 credits button in the page area of ​​the purchase confirmation is missing.
Fixed – players report that despite the profit of a game this is considered a loss and the player can be painted by the ranking.
Fixed – If a player leaves a road to SI session, a new search is started in the player s Dynamic Playback button instead.
Fixed – During the MVP screen on the stadium card, smaller flickering and visual problems occur.
Fixed – The name of the playlist is missing if a player tries to restore the connection to a previous game.
Fixed – if you drive with the mouse over 1F, the symbols of the operators, target markings and bombing locations of 2F are displayed as a magic name on the stadium map.
Fixed – The Weekly Ubisoft Connect challenges are not updated by Terrorist Hunt on the current title Training Grounds .

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