En musique, une note est un symbole ou une lettre permettant de représenter un fragment de musique par une convention d écriture de la hauteur et de la durée d un son.

FIFA 22 is there and lands in the computer image test with 1.8 (good) clearly before FIFA 21 (Note 2.2). Amazon now offers you a really strong offer. Together with the Microsoft Xbox Series S you sash the football match from EA until 10 October 2021 for 289.99 euros. Delivery is free of charge. Compared to the Internet competition, they save about 35 euros according to the price comparison Portal Idealo (all prices and information – 6 October 2021).

Xbox set for under 300 euros at Amazon & Saturn

The Xbox Series S cuts in the computer image test with a good 2.1. Plus points to collect through the fast 512 gigabyte SSD and the absolute combat price. The console in the bundle with FIFA 22 also proves. For performance, the 3,6-Gigahertz-AMD CPU (Zen 2) provide eight cores and 6 gigabytes GDDR6 memory. The refresh rate is at contemporary 120 Hertz. FIFA 22 trumps, for example, with a greatly improved playability, even more football feeling and more opportunities in the player career.

Xbox Series S with 512-gigabyte SSD
FIFA 22 with even more football feeling
Round 35 Euro compared to the competition Save

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