Xbox fans are watched: If you d like to bauern with the Xbox Series S for some time, the right offer is now available for you! At Saturn, the console with the brand new FIFA 22 (Note 1.8) is currently currently 299.99 euros. The deal is valid until October 14, 2021 (23:59 clock) and is free of charge. It is important that you place both the Xbox and the game in the shopping cart. The deduction then takes place automatically. According to the price comparison Portal Idealo Save over many other online shops with the Saturn bundle round 25 Euro . 10 Euro extra secure yourself with a Saturn coupon. With the registration for the newsletter you get the appropriate discount and end at 289.99 euros for the Xbox package (all prices and information – as: 7 October 2021).

Xbox set for under 300 euros at Saturn & Amazon

With voucher round 35 Euro compared to the competition Save
Xbox Series S with 512 gigabytes internal SSD memory
FIFA 22 with the current teams

Microsoft Xbox Series S and FIFA 22 at Saturn

The Xbox Series S comes with a 3,6-gigahertz-AMD CPU (ZEN 2) with eight cores, 6 gigabytes GDDR6 memory and 512 gigabytes internal SSD memory. Thanks to the SSD with 2.4 gigabytes data throughput load current games Quick and content returns the console with up to 120 frames per second. However, the smaller variant of Xbox Series X has no drive. With the S model you will also get the right controller home. This is minimally changed compared to the Xbox One GamePad. Among other things, small Gumminoppen at the bottom and the trigger keys provide more support and a new Share button facilitates parts of screenshots and video clips. The bundle completely makes the just started game FIFA 22, which has improved compared to FIFA 21 (Note 2.2).

Secure more offers from Saturn

At the start of October, Saturn has a new flyer. In addition to the Xbox bundle, you will receive discounts on notebooks, televisions and coffee machines until October 14th of October 2021 (23:59.

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