At Amazon there is the Xbox Series S on offer for only 222.61 euros. Now secure the Next-Gen console to the absolute best price.

New lowest price for the Xbox Series S: Amazon s offer is really unbeatable. The Xbox Series S with 512 GB of storage space is available here for only 222.61 euros. Cheaper never gave the console. With her you can play upcoming top titles like Halo Infinite, Battlefield 2042 and other highlights.

How long the offer is valid, we are unknown. In case of doubt it could be over quickly.

Xbox Series S 512 GB for 222.61 euros

This hardware offers the Xbox Series S compared to the Xbox Series X: The Series S is also a console without drive and can therefore only play digital content.

For whom is the Xbox Series S?

First of all, it is interesting for everyone who does not necessarily need the maximum performance. The Xbox Series X costs significantly more with 499.99 euros, but also offers natives 4k gaming with up to 120 fps. The Series S offers 1440p gaming and a 4K scaling.

For casual players or second console, the Xbox Series S is best suited. In addition, for those who are still set to a full HD TV, because for this an Xbox Series X or PS5 would be exaggerated.

Thanks to Xbox Game Pass, however, you have the opportunity to play a huge selection of great games and that on a relatively favorable console. Only right with this offer.

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