The makers of the Yakuza series betrayed in May that Yakuza title will be planned as lap-based role-games in the future (which is similar to Yakuza: Like A Dragon (from 58.28 € buy)). The judgment series, however, will be responsible for the classic action-enhanced gameplay in real time (to the test of Lost Judgment).

As part of a restructuring announcement on the studio website, the new producer Masayoshi Yokoyama also confirmed that a successor to Yakuza: Like A Dragon in development. He should continue Ichiban Kasuga s story. In addition, no details have not yet been revealed.

The studio belonging to Sega also has to proclaim the departure of two forming heads – namely director Toshihiro Nagoshi and Producer Daisuke Sato. Nagoshi gives in his farewell message to protocol:

Today a new Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio was born where the series will live on. Although I m not sure what you will create, but I believe that the new generation we have the foundation we have created over the years, will continue to improve and the world will provide great games. To achieve that, you need to continue to learn to challenge yourself and grow. I ask you to continue to support the studio with his efforts.

Nagoshi worked according to since the 3D Oldie Virtua Racing at Sega and led U.A. Super Monkey Ball as Director. In August, rumors have already given his possible change to Netease. Sato complements, he believes that the capable new studio staff can use the momentum for titles beyond the Yakuza series.

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