Several developers took advantage of the recent Xbox Inside to present their next generation titles on the Xbox Series X and many other developers remain silent on their projects. Although each title has its charm and find a fans base to please, these five games are our favorites that have been unveiled or presented, some of which will be included as part of the Game Pass and others that will be free if you Buy. On Xbox One.

Codemasters once again refined the Dirt experience, with more cars and visuals more beautiful than any other title. The game includes places such as New York, Brazil, Arizona, China, Norway and more. Codemasters is the master of the races of rally races and the career of Dirt 5 will be the best to date, told by Troy Baker during your travels around the world. According to Robert Karp, players will be able to play each season of the year, with dynamic weather conditions affecting their conduct. Better yet, it s the first Dirt to offer a four-player shared screen. Like many games on Inside Xbox, Dirt 5 will be available on multiple platforms, but we look forward to retrieving it on Xbox Series X.

The Medium is Bloober Team s next psychological horror title, Blair Witch, Layers of Fear and The Observer developers. It seems that the team uses things it has learned from each title by combining two worlds with the themes explored in their previous titles such as the PTSD, the sacrifice and what it means to be human. Although the game looks and looks like a new generation Silent Hill title, it also has the original composer, Akira Yamoka, making her dark and threatening her band. We look forward to the human world and the spiritual world that the Bloober team has created for The Medium to discover all the mysteries they have to offer.

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