The developers of Pokémon Go lift the PVP of your mobile title to the next step: The so-called Championship Series should give trainers from all over the world the opportunity to find out who is the best of them. The tournament is embedded in the Pokémon World Championships and is directly related to the Pokémon Go KeMpfliga .

Prove you in the KAMPFIGA for a place at the Championship Series

Coaches who want to participate in the Championship Series can register in two ways for the event: Anyone achieved the rank Legend in the ninth season of the Kampfliga, in early 2022 can register for the Championship Series. The season is still running until 29 November 2021 – All information can be found in our separate league guide .

Players who do not reach the rank Legend have the opportunity to register for one of the remaining places later. You need a Play! Pokémon player -ID and must associate your Pokémon Go account with your Pokémon Trainer Club Account. Niantic plans several regional and international PVP events for the Championship Series, in which players of age classes senior and master compete against each other. The coaches that belong to the best players in these events then receive an invitation to the Pokémon World Championships 2022.


How exactly the registration and the individual competition events run, the developers will still be announced at a later date. Anyone who is interested in participating in the Championship Series should keep an eye on the Play Pokémon website. Of course, we will also keep you up to date on all news on Pokémon World.

Source : Niantic

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