Often, electronic devices are designed so that they can not easily be easily repaired. Mostly it is not even properly possible to open it. This means that instead, either new devices purchased or expensive repair services need to be used.

In view of the climate catastrophe and the garbage as well as energy costs incurred in manufacturing and disposal, this is anything but ideal or sustainable. Fortunately, Microsoft is now examining whether this could not be done differently at Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and Co.

Microsoft Shareholder demand light xbox repairs

What is the problem? In the production of smartphones, computers, hi-fi systems or just video game consoles, there is extremely a lot of garbage, even before the device was even sold. In addition, the process devours tons of energy. If the electrical appliances are disposed of, it becomes even more complicated because they often contain toxic substances that should not just go into the environment. Especially with regard to the climate crisis, this is of course one anding and should be avoided.

Thanks to the capitalist recycling system, however, the many companies do not matter, but it is also encouraged that people prefer to buy completely new devices instead of repairing their old ones. Often, for example, smartphone batteries can not be removed anymore. In part, the so-called planned obsolescence is installed so that electrical appliances become useless from only a few years.

With Xbox soon? Because a Microsoft Shareholder group called AS YOU knew that the Microsoft consoles Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X can hardly repair themselves, the whole thing is now with Help of a study placed again on the test (via VG24 / 7 ).

That was initially not the first response to the report by AS YOU SAH. But Microsoft has luckily changed its own attitude and want to make a corresponding study now.

Of course, what comes out of it is to be seen. But even if only a few steps towards a simpler repair are done, that would of course be very fantastic. The most sustainable device is and remains that we use the longest.

Very much more about Xbox Series S / X and Microsoft can be found on our Microsoft overview .

Right on repair could generally prevail

The Microsoft s aspirations would also fit that both in the US and in the EU have recently been discussed by a right of repair . For example, there are already a proposal of the European Commission, which, among other things, is about hardware standardization, which should help reduce electronic scrap.

Exemplary examples that make it differently: Especially on the smartphone market, there are already some companies that rely on more sustainability, easier repair and modular construction to achieve both. For example Fairphone or Shiftphone. Of course, it would be very desirable if a similar approach would also prevail on the console market.

What does your repair, planned obsolescence and the study of Microsoft say?