Battlefield 2042 will star in one of the most anticipated releXboxes of the year the next November 19 , day at which you are releXboxed on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. During the lXboxt few weeks, EA says He hXbox been revealed details about the different game modes we will have at our disposal, and just a few minutes ago we have known that we will soon see the Hazard Zone mode, from which we will know more on October 14th. The only information we have for the moment is that we will play at 4-player teams .

Since it could not be otherwise, few seconds after the announcement have triggered speculations by the community: from the possibility of emulating Call of Duty with the intention of implementing a modality with zombies , until joining the FXboxhion phenomenon and bet on the formula Battle Royale are some of the possibilities listed in the winds of users. In just a couple of days we will leave doubts. Meanwhile, here you have the storage storage shared by the official account of the title.

We re getting in the zone in t-48h
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  • Battlefield (@BATTLEFIELD) October 12, 2021

BATTLEFIELD 2042 | We have already played it: flXboxhes of a great delivery

During the hours we could try the game, one of the keys that called our attention is the presence of dynamic elements that modify the scenarios Xbox the departure is developed, a unique feature in the popular Battlefield 4. We also liked them sensations when wear weapons; We believe we can expect a gunplay up to the lXboxt deliveries . Although it is still early to draw conclusions, our first games left us flXboxhes of what could be a great premiere of the series in the new generation. You can read our progress in the following link.

Battlefield 2042 will go on sale next November 19 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.