One of the most attractive features of the Xbox platform is its compatibility with previous games. Both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox One can play a select title library that were released for the first time in the original Xbox and Xbox 360. While there are several old discs that can be played on current Xbox systems, Microsoft has not updated the list in a bit, which could lead to some fans to assume that they will not be added more in the future. However, the Xboxera co-host, Shpeshal Nick, has indicated that a list of data based on data has revealed new options that may be available soon.

«It seems that some games may have been extracted from data, but sometimes the Games OG and 360 are tested for BC but do not pass the cut, so I will not enumerate any game to not establish expectations. Only one notice that there has been activity here so it would probably expect something in November »@Shpeshal Nick wrote on Twitter.

The above tweets were shared in the subnetdit of rumors and filtrations of games, where fans discussed a series of games that they would like to see aggregates through compatibility with previous versions, including Jet Set Radio Future , MAX Payne 3 , binary mail, and momatal kombat against DC Universe . The compatibility function with previous versions of Xbox allows you to visit these games with some modern updates, which makes it the best way to enjoy them. Regardless of the games that are added in the function, Microsoft should have many excellent options to choose from.

As with any rumor, readers must take all this with a grain of salt. It looks like a safe bet that at some point will announce more Xbox games compatible with previous versions, but that November period is barely written in stone. @ShpeShal Nick has a very good history with regard to Xbox rumors, but many things can change in the video game industry and, as Nick s own point, some games are tested to check their compatibility with previous versions, but not They end up adding. For now, Xbox fanatics will only have to wait for the official news to arrive.

What compatible games with earlier versions would you like to be added next? Are you a fan of this function? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!