Microsoft started the reservation acceptance of the refrigerator Xbox Mini Fridge that reproduces Xbox Series X on 1/1 scale, and announced that it will start selling at the European and American dealer from December. At the moment the release timing in Japan is undecided, but it is to expand the sales area with the authorities of each region from 2022.

Xbox Mini Fringe was originally created to commercialize the mini version after being produced for Xbox Series X campaigns, and it has been revealed to commercialize the mini version, and the hard is 1/1 scale It is a refrigerated product. It was also announced that it was officially released in the Holiday Season in the E3 2021 showcase, but the price and functions and sales areas have been announced again.

The first reservation started on October 19 for North America limited, and it is sold at $ 99.99 for Discount Super Target and its online store, and is a direct sales site of Microsoft for Canada A reservation is accepted from the Xbox Gear Shop. Besides, it is announced that it will be sold through retail stores for Europe.

There are 10 cans can be stored in the functional side, and two racks are prepared for the door, and other sweets etc. can be sold. In addition to the USB port for charging on the front of the refrigerator, the DC power adapter is also included, so it is also covered by bringing out and used on the go.

The company says Xbox Mini Fridge will be delivered to many fans as much as possible. The company will be expanding sales by region with the approval of each region s authorities in 2022.