On October 11, 2021, the Swedish developers Might and Delight (Shelter Series) published their online-based travel role-playing Book of Travels in the Early Access for PC, where it is expected to be completed in two years. On Steam, where the previous user reviews are only balanced , until 18 October, a launch discount of ten percent on the regular selling price of the demarcation to other online role-playing games (MMORPGS) as TMORPG (Tiny Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) reported titles (22.49 euros instead of 24.99 euros). The price of the travel adventures financed twenty two years ago is to be successively raised until completion.

In the game description it says: Experience the book of trips and become part of a unique roleplayer experience where you have to find yourself righteous. This graceful game inspired by Genreklaßikern takes you into a fairytale world full of adventure and renounces linear missions or dispensed with linear missions Traditions. Experience the complete freedom as you explore the untamed wilderness and the lively cities of the convertible shore. Dipping deep into the complex, hand-drawn world, discovering hidden places or air of one of the many secrets. There is no superordinate goal and neither beginning nor End, but for mortal characters, a lot can be on the game in this world.

The world of the convertible shore is large and full of turns. Encounters with other players are rare, and that s exactly what makes them so special. Whether you want to work together with others or survive on your own, leave you completely. But no matter what style of play you decide, you will experience the birth of an exciting, new online community in which you will tell you many stories.

But it was warned: This is a game for true explorers who want to go their own way. It does not give you prefabricated routes but trusts that you design your journey independently. And what run your adventure may always take, you will soon be able to expand the book of traveling for your very own chapters.

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