Although it started as only one Meme, Xbox has revealed that it is officially being prepared to launch a mini refrigerator that follows the Xbox series console model further by 2021. And although this news has been known for a few months at this time. , Xbox s team began revealing how fanatics who really want to buy this unique item can do so on next week.

Detailed on the Xbox website today, it was revealed that anticipated orders for the Xbox Series X refrigerator will begin next week on October 19. Although a specific launch date has not been given, Xbox said that orders will begin to be sent in December. Those in the United States and Canada will be able to buy the device through the Target retail store and cost $ 99.99 in total. In addition, ten different regions around the world will be able to hook the Xbox Series X refrigerator at 2021, while Xbox says it plans to take the item to other locations in 2022.

Votes for it. Now we are making your mini refrigerator Xbox series X. Anticipated orders begin on October 19. Available retail in December for $ 99 (£ 89 / € 99). Details below on the first wave of units this holiday in 10 global markets. Xboxandchill ????

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When it comes to the actual details of the refrigerator, Xbox also provided potential buyers better description of what they can expect. «With LED and surface features designed to look like the Xbox Series X, your friends will be surprised while off your thirst. The elegant matt black tower has a capacity for 10 cans of your favorite drink and has two shelves at the door, so you will be sure to have your favorite snacks ready , explained a new description on the aforementioned Xbox blog. The front of the mini refrigerator also includes a USB port to load devices and comes with a DC power adapter to allow the mini refrigerator to work on the fly.

What do you think that this mini Xbox Series X refrigerator is finally available? And will it seek to choose this unique item for you later in the year? Let me know in the comments or send me a message on social networks to @ mooreman12.