Une chanson des Beatles est une chanson interprétée et enregistrée par ce groupe entre 1962 et 1970, et officialisée par une publication entre ces années ou après. Les seules exceptions sont les chansons My Bonnie, Cry for a Shadow et Ain t She Sweet, enregistrées à Hambourg en 1961, et Free as a Bird et Real Love qui ont été enregistrées en 1995, complétant une démo de John Lennon datant de la fin des années 1970.
En dix ans d existence, et seulement huit ans de carrière discographique, les Beatles font paraître douze albums, quatorze EPs (dont deux de chansons inédites) et vingt-deux singles (dont la plupart des chansons ne sont pas incluses sur les albums officiels). Ils composent 227 chansons et, surtout, ils font preuve d une productivité particulièrement remarquable entre 1963 et 1966 où, entre les tournées incessantes et la participation à deux longs métrages, ils publient sept albums, treize singles et un E.P. de quatre titres inédits.
Voici la liste détaillée des chansons des Beatles, incluant les reprises apparaissant sur leurs albums. La liste est présentée ici en ordre alphabétique, avec l année de la parution des chansons et leur(s) auteur(s). Les reprises sont indiquées en gris dans la liste et les chansons parues sur des disques posthumes ou enregistrée mais jamais publiées sont en bleu.

The responsible persons of From Software are proud of their SOUSS series (and all subsequent manner) and are not known to make no problem with making them available in recycled form for current platforms – most recently first supplied the PlayStation 5 with a Remaster version of Demon s Souls.

The BloodBorne published in 2015 (Buy now 19.99 €) may be significantly younger, but again and again rumors to a new edition in the network made the round – last in 2020 . The reasons are obvious: just the style design of Bloodborne may also be fantastic from today s perspective, but the Action-RPG in terms of performance has properly air. A Bloodborne with constant 60 fps? For this, some experienced hunters would dust their senses. Plus: Bloodborne is only available for the PlayStation Cosmos. All PC fans look into the tube.

If it goes after an industry insider from Xbox ERA, however, this could change in the foreseeable future. After COLIN MORIARYTY has already learned from Sacred Symbols podcast by from-software-near sources that a successor to Bloodborne and a new edition for the first part is in progress, in both cases for the PS5, supplemented said insiders that his sources even talk about a PC release. The Remaster should again be created at the developers of Bluepoint, who had already delivered a great job at the new edition for Demon s Souls (and other titles). In the Gaming Leaks Reddit then a moderator then supplemented that Xbox ERA had spoken for the first time over the rumor even before the Moriarty podcast (since still in a small circle) that the information should come from different sources and that is not here A supposed insider one another simply reproduced the rumor.

It does not matter to us personally, who knew what was first. We would neither say to a Bloodborne 2 nor to a Bloodborn Remaster for PC and PS5 No . But we are looking forward to Elden Ring, which is known to appear on January 21, 2022.

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