Maybe you are already aware, but if not, we remind you that the 20th anniversary dexbox will be celebrating the next November 15. As part of the festivities, the team of xbox nostalgic and decided to remodel its official website with the interface of xbox 360.

If you visit the official website of Xbox at this time you can see the changes for yourself, but do not worry, that here we leave you anyway.

Although for obvious reasons the original xbox will be receiving all the attention November 15 , it is also worth remembering that the November 22 , the xbox 360 will be celebrating its 16th anniversary We do not believe that something is going to happen that day, but it is always good to know.

Editor s note: As you may remember, the interface of the Xbox 360 crossed several important changes and helped to mold what today is the interfaces of both xbox one and Series X | S. We hope that Microsoft Want to launch some nostalgic theme for these new consoles.

Via: xbox