After about a year massacrating monsters in his dark fantasy world based on the myth of King Arturo, the promising King Arthur: Knight s tale just announced the release date of his final version in Steam, as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. The new thing about neocoregames will abandon its anticipated access at the beginning of next year and will put your version 1.0 on sale February 15, 2022 .

It will make it accompanied by a good handful of improvements and new content, including history mode, more than 30 heroes between those who choose based on six different classes, and up to an optional PVP mode for those who enjoy fighting against other players. Work of the team responsible for the interesting saga The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, King Arthur: Knight s Tale bets on a shift combat system that requires us perfectly to perfectly combine the skills of our heroes to escape some tough battles and Extenuating. This tactical challenge will be even greater when you measure your forces against those of other players, which is a novelty that fans will be able to try on PC from December, when Early Access of Steam is updated with the First PVP battles .

The news comes accompanied by a new gameplay video that allows us to see in action the various character classes we will have access, and how to manage your team, skills and unique features. In this sense, the Neocore team emphasizes that each battle can be resolved in very disparate ways depending on the type of character we control, and from the objects we have in our inventory.

King Arthur: Knight s tale will face more than 50 types of enemies with their own particularities, as well as ten final bosses they promise to make us suffer in this dark fantasy world. Here in 3DGames we already had the opportunity to try the game when your Early Access premiered as we have you in our King Arthur prints: Knight s tale. Its final version will have a price of $ 39.99 / euros and will also include more than 50 missions, an increase of the maximum level to 30 (with respect to what is seen in its advance access) and the original soundtrack.