The meme that Xbox series x resembled a fridge came true. First it was a gigantic refrigerator with the aspect of the new generation console of Microsoft, and then a mini-one that Microsoft decided to manufacture and sell to a small fee ($ 99, 90 euros).

Although the Xbox Series X refrigerator will not come up to on December 5 , the reservations were opened today October 19 in several stores. And, as expected, reservations have flown in a few minutes, leaving many users without being able to make sure yours.

Many frustrated users responded to Xbox s profile complaining that speculators were already filling eBay from the mini refrigerators at 300 or 400 dollars.

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For Folks Who Missed The Target Pre-Order Today, Note That Most Units For This Launch Will Be Sold In Store in December. ????

  • Aaron Greenberg ???????? ♂️ ???? U (@Aarongreenberg) October 19, 2021

Aaron Greenberg, Xbox Marketing, clarified that there will be new units in December , and most units will be sold directly at Target stores in the United States.

In Spain, unfortunately, it does not seem to go physically to any store, as far as we know, although you can get it in the online store Toynk (at a price something higher, yes, and from December 15 ).

On Ebay Spain there are also several units, at prices that exceed 250 euros, yes. Remember that it is a mini-coverall, with a capacity of up to 10 cans. It seems that it will be harder to get that Xbox series X itself …

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Source: Gamerant.