Xbox has unveiled two brand name new hard disk development cards for the Xbox Series X and also Xbox Series S.

Announced just earlier today on the Xbox Cable, 2 official Seagate expansion cards will certainly quickly be readily available at an unspecified day for the Xbox Series X as well as Xbox Series S. These two brand-new expansion cards from Seagate come in either 512GB or 2TB variations, so there s a lot of area in any case to expand the storage of both new-gen gaming consoles from Xbox.

When it comes to the price point, you may have to spend a reasonable little bit. Throughout the U.S. a minimum of, the 512GB version of the new Seagate expansion card will retail for $139.99, while the enormous 2TB expansion card will certainly retail for an equally shocking $399.99. That s greater than a whole Xbox Series S.

As these are official growth cards for both new-gen Xbox devices, there s some great perks to them. The Xbox Wire articles disclose that in reverse suitable video games will see considerable renovations in terms of lots times whenever you have them installed through either brand-new Seagate expansion card, and are playing them on either new-gen Xbox console.

It s certainly worth mentioning that these aren t the only authorities growth cards for both brand-new Xbox consoles. Previously, Seagate revealed the official 1TB development card, which currently retails for $219.99, flawlessly placed to fit right in between both brand-new cards in regards to both dimension as well as cost. If you re not wishing to fork over substantial quantities for a new growth, this card might still be your ideal wager.