The Xbox Series X and also the Xbox Series S (collectively, the Xbox Series X/S) are house computer game gaming consoles developed by Microsoft. They were both released on November 10, 2020 as the fourth generation of the Xbox console household, succeeding the Xbox One family. In addition to Sony s PlayStation 5, likewise released in November 2020, the Xbox Series X and Series S are component of the nine generation of video clip game consoles.Rumors pertaining to the consoles initially arised in early 2019, with the line all at once codenamed Scarlett , and also including high-end and lower-end models codenamed Anaconda as well as Lockhart respectively. Internally, Microsoft had actually been satisfied with the two-console approach for the Xbox One, as well as intended a similar strategy for the fourth generation Xbox, with the target for the high-end design to at least dual the efficiency of the Xbox One X. The premium design was very first teased throughout E3 2019 under the title Job Scarlett , while its name and style as Xbox Series X was introduced during The Video game Honors later in December. In September 2020, Microsoft unveiled the lower-end design as the Xbox Series S.
The Xbox Series X has greater end equipment, as well as supports higher screen resolutions (as much as 8K resolution) along with higher framework rates and also real-time ray mapping; it also has a high-speed solid-state drive to decrease filling times. The cheaper Xbox Series S makes use of the same CPU, however has a less effective GPU, has less memory as well as internal storage space, and also lacks an optical drive. Both consoles are created to support almost all Xbox One games, controllers, and devices, including those games from older Xbox consoles supported by Xbox One s backwards compatibility. At launch, Microsoft positioned their first-party games and several third-party games to be offered for both Xbox Series X/S as well as Xbox One to assist shift between generations, supplying the Smart Shipment distribution framework to freely give more optimizations of an Xbox One ready either the Xbox Series X or Series S. The consoles are likewise suitable with the video gaming subscription solution Xbox Game Pass, in addition to the cloud game-streaming platform Xbox Cloud Gaming.

So far, there is only a 1-TB memory extension for the Xbox Series X | S, but that should change soon. Microsoft now announces both a 512 GB and a 2-TB card for more space on the latest Xbox consoles. But the price of these cards remains high and even exceeds the console itself.

Update from 22 October 2021

Since just 364 GB for games are available on Xbox Series S just 364 GB, memory extensions are quite attractive accessories. The official solution for the storage problem is the cards that Microsoft has developed together with hardware manufacturer Seagate. After the 1-TB variant, these cards soon also have 512 GB and 2 TB of storage space.

XBox Series X | S: Storage remains expensive

The new cards cost 140 US dollars (512 GB) and 400 US dollars (2 TB) . Thus, the 2-TB card is even more expensive than the Series S itself, which costs $ 300 and even more cheaper depending on the offer. Who wants a memory expansion for the Xbox Series X | S, is currently not over at the three products. Although can be connected via USB external hard drives , however, the console can not start any games optimized for the Next-Gen consoles.

So if you do not want to spend between 140 and 400 US dollars for one of Microsoft s maps, you have to restrict something available at the same time available games. Or you must always move the games from an external hard drive to the Xbox, which should be faster in most cases than a renewed download.


Xbox Series X Halo Edition

XBox Series S in price decline: Next-Gen console at a bargain price

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The 512 GB card should appear mid November 2021 and then follow the 2-TB variant in December 2021 . (Source: Microsoft).

Original report from 4 October 2021:

XBox Series X | S: Promo material shows cheaper memory expansion

The memory of the Xbox Series X / S can be easily extended with a 1-TB card from Seagate, but that s very costly. Soon it should give a cheaper alternative.

While the Xbox Series X 1 TB offers internal memory, of which 802 GB can be used for games and apps, the Series S has only 512 GB to offer, but of which only 364 GB are available. Both consoles can be extended with an external hard drive from Seagate, but because it is a CFEXpress card, is quite expensive and beats on average with 210 euros to book .

The Windows Central page now reports on a cheaper and new 512 GB alternative . The information comes from a retail list from France, in which a smaller memory extension of Seagate was announced. In addition, the website reports of exclusive promo material sent to you. A 512 GB alternative would undoubtedly be cheaper than the 1-TB option available so far, maybe even half as expensive.

So far, no exact price is known, but according to advertising material in the USA , the new map is to stand on the shelves for the Christmas business 2021 .

The memory expansion card can be conveniently brought home via Amazon:

Seagate memory expansion card XBox Series X | S 1 TB SSD

Now from 208,88 € at Amazon

The price may be higher now. Price from 22.10.2021 17:01 clock

Rumor speaks of other plans of Seagate

In addition to the 512 GB expansion card, which starts up the internal memory of the consoles, Seagate also prepares a USB-based SSD storage solution that allows you to save games separately from the internal storage pool.

Although you can not run the new generation games with this USB-based extension, but moving the games from the USB SSD to the internal SSD may be faster than a new download, Windows Central.

(Source: Windows Central)

Wo is there to buy the consoles? We will keep you up to date:


Xbox Series X order: price and availability in the current overview

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