Xbox Game Pass is a Microsoft subscription service for video games and can be used with the Xbox One, Xbox Series and Windows 10. The service grants users access to a catalog of games of different providers at a single monthly subscription price. The service was launched on June 1, 2017, while Xbox live gold subscribers received priority on May 24. Currently, the service has 18 million subscribers worldwide (as of January 2021).

Microsoft has taken great steps in the world of video game, both with their platforms and their services, among which Xbox Game Pass stands out. These initiatives have become an important company in the sector, a label that continues to preserve after the first financial results of this fiscal year: the sale of consoles has increased by 166% with respect to last year, A sample that Xbox series has been opened in several countries.

The services and contents of Xbox have only grown by 2% This reflects the report that includes Xbox s results during the first quarter of this fiscal year, which highlights both the sales increase in Xbox Series and The impressions of Microsoft employees. Following this line, the company s financial director, Amy Hood, explained that they could send more Xbox series X and S than expected, even when demand continues to exceed the offer.

After all, Xbox Series has found obstacles in his life time because of the shortage of supplies, a problem that will continue throughout 2022, as the same Phil Spencer said. In addition, the mentioned numbers are added to Increase of 16% in total revenues in games, but Microsoft can not sing victory at the moment.

Although the company has taken advantage of services for players, in this area it has only grown 2%, something that demonstrates the declarations made by Microsoft a few days ago in which he claimed not having reached the Objective of users for Xbox Game Pass.

In short, Xbox continues to grow, but does not make it equitably in all its departments. However, it does not stop showing positive figures For the first months of Xbox Series, who recently exceeded the 1,000 units barrier sold weekly in Spain. Added to this, the company is prepared for the arrival of its main game in December: Halo Infinite, which has already shown both a more polished gameplay and the leader of the banned in a new trailer.