A trump is a playing card which is raised above its usual ranking in trick-taking games. Usually, a whole match is chosen as a trump suit; these cards then out perform all cards of level (non-trump) fits. In other contexts, the terms surpass card or to outdo describes any kind of kind of action, authority, or policy which instantly dominates all others.

Infifa 22 you can now get Kanté with a Flashback SBC. We look at whether the savings variant is worthwhile by Kanté.

What is that for a card? Flashback cards usually remind of past times of top players who are no longer so good values ​​these days. At Kanté, the case is different: he actually gets a flashback card with weaker values ​​than his gold card.

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Such a similar card was schonmal for Cristiano Ronaldo, who was also available in FIFA 21 in a Spar Flashback variant.

Why is the Flashback card interesting? N Golo Kanté is one of the best players in FIFA 22. Its normal ZDM card is extremely popular because it is considered a player who is hard to overcome. However, the gold card is very expensive, despite the low transfer market. Until yesterday, she still cost over 400,000 coins (since the SBC release but also the gold card has become cheaper, is now at about 384,000 coins).

On the other hand, the SBC card can already be picked up for fewer coins. According to current Futbin solutions from the community, you can get the Flashback card from Kanté for 286,000 coins if you rank without SBC feed. If you still have a few unchangeable players in the club, you can use them to push the price.

It is therefore a cheaper way for players to get a Kanté card for your team. But is that worthwhile?

Flashback Canté and Gold Canté in comparison

The cards differ: Basically, these are cards that are not too far apart from the values. The total rating differs by 3 points. In detail, the difference is the same as follows:

Flashback-Canté is a bit faster than Gold-Kanté. But much of the four points do not necessarily make up.
The shot value is identical.
In the passports Gold-Kanté has easy advantages.
In Dribbling Flashback is a point in front.
In the defensive area, the gold card is stronger. Among other things, it has 8 points more with Defensive Awareness and 6 points more with standing tackles. Grasiples are higher.
Physis is also stronger with gold. Particularly striking are 13 points more in the field of aggression.

An important further point is the work rates. Gold edge has a mean attack rate and high defensive rate, while Flashback has both values ​​to high. But that s not necessarily good, because it is the danger that your Flashback-Kanté turns on too much in the game and then defensively is not there if you need it. And in the first place, Kanté is intended as a defensive player.

Overall, however, it is to say: Even if Flashback-Kanté is weaker than standard-canté, he is still an extremely strong ZDM.

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Is the card worth it? Here you have to weigh. Flashback-Canté will be a reinforcement for many teams – but the SBC is not cheap. The price is probably okay for the card, but it s not easy. However, if you have the opportunity to push the price here with unchangeable players, you should think about it.

However, if you have come to the SBC without any unchangeable players and spend almost 300,000 coins, you should probably think about the Gold Card and save it in doubt. Possible that the even further falls. And: the card can be sold in doubt again – the SBC card is not.

Otherwise, FIFA 22 is the next event: With the Rulebreakers, unusual cards are to come into play.