XEVIOUS (ゼビウス, Zebiusu?) Is a video game of arcade of the genus of 1983 vertical displacement developed and published by Namco. In North America, it was published by Atari, Inc. controlling the Solvalou Starlass, the player has the task of eliminating Xevius forces before they destroy all of humanity. The Solvalou has two weapons at your disposal: an aerial zapper to destroy the flying enemies, and a blast pump to destroy the Enemy enemies. It worked in the Arcade Namco Galaga system.
The videogame was designed by Masanobu Endō and a small team. Created to rival the success of Scramble, originally had as the subject the Vietnam War and Cheyenne was titled in the first versions. Endō wanted the game to have a detailed and integral story and a comprehensive world, and that it was cozy for the new players. Several enemies and characters were made to pay tribute to other popular science fiction works, such as Star Wars, UFO, Alien and Battlestar Galactica. Originally it was called Zevius, and the X was added to seem exotic and mysterious.
Xevious was acclaimed by criticism, being praised by his detailed graphics, his addictive nature, his challenge and his originality. It became an unprecedented success for Namco in Japan, selling as many arcade units as Space Invaders in its first weeks of launch. In comparison, it was a commercial failure in North America, since it sold 5,295 Arcade units at the end of 1983. It has been retrospectively included among the best video games of all time and one of the most influential games in the genus Matamarcanos, which serves as Inspiration for games like Twinbee and Rayforce. He encountered several sequels and spin-offs, along with several domestic console ports. XEVIOUS is also included in many compilations of NAMCO.

Microsoft improves its gaming platform with a new feature that makes Next-Gen gaming possible for the whole Xbox family. However, the function is only reserved for some selected Xbox players.

Xbox continues on the in-house cloud gaming service – recently gamers can also play games for the Xbox Series X | S thanks to the function with an Xbox ONE. After the feature has been announced a few weeks ago, players can now benefit – but for the time being only selected Xbox insiders.

XBox: Cloud-gaming brings next gene to older consoles

The cloud gaming feature for the Xbox One allows players on the older console generation to gamble exclusive Next-Gen highlights, by streaming to the console. Thus, the latest high quality games could also run on the load gene devices – at least when the internet connection plays along. (Source: Xbox)

For the beginning, however, Microsoft makes the new feature tie only from xbox-alpha-skip-ahead insiders. Such a staggered test phase had already used the company for previous cloud gaming projects, such as streaming the Game Pass Library on laptops and PCs.

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Microsoft relies on console compatibility

With the focus on cloud gaming, Microsoft continues to improve access to the latest games. Over the next few years, with games such as Readfall, Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 appear to appear some sophisticated Next games, which will exploit the full graphics power of the Xbox Series X. With the cloud gaming feature, Xbox One owners can experience these triple-a games in their full splendor.

In our video we show you all the important information about the Xbox Series X | S:

How to Join and Use the Xbox Insider Program in 2021
Microsoft brings a new cloud gaming feature to the Xbox One. Some xbox insiders can now test the function on their last gene console and gamble Next games via streaming.

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