DC Comics is getting into the field of Games of Digital Card Construction. The comic editor is being associated with CryptozoC Entertainment and YUKE s to launch a new digital card game called zona dual of cc. Players will build a deck of 40 letters centered on two leaders, consisting of DC iconic characters like Batman, Superman, Aquaman or Harley Quinn. Each leader is encoded by one of the five features, and players then build their decks using action cards and minion composed of letters with the same faction designation as their leaders. Factions include tactics (blue), power (red), energy (green), anarchy (orange) and tyranny (violet).

Play in zona dual DC Start with a player s leaders who are already at stake in a 3 × 2 grid. Players can use rins to protect their leaders or actions to provide benefits or other effects on leaders. Each leader has an established defense and can activate skills periodically using loads in the game.

An important part of zona dual DC will be the weekly PVE offers based on different DC stories. Complete the weekly chapters reward players with three letters related to that story or character. Players can catch up with missing stories using the game subscription model, and players can also buy packets. Subscription prices and packages were not available at the time of ad. DC and Cryptozoic will also launch regular expansions for the game once every four months. In particular, DC and Cryptozoic are already analyzing movies and other media links as well. We have also spoken with DC on other means, said Cryptozoic director, Cory Jones said in an interview with Gamespot. «For example: Black Adam, we could make a series of PVE comics a month that are around Black Adam or something like that. We could make a celebrity choose comics in a given week. There are a lot of ideas ».

DC Comics and Cryptozoic are partners for a long time, since Cryptozoic has launched an official game of DC Deckbuilding for more than a decade. Zona dual DC is different from that game, and the goal of Cryptozoic with the new game is make a CCG in which any DC fan can jump and learn immediately, while also has a game in which any CCG fan For a long time you can play and feel a true depth and strategy immediately. «

You can find a complete preview of DC Dual Zone in GameSpot. The game will be launched at some point of 2022.