I think that at this point no one is lost or he will have heard from the Korean series of the squid game that has put past legs up to many of those who have seen it. Launched in September, Netflix won the Gordo Award by transmitting the 9 episodes of South Korean production and the series already has the Best Start of a Series on the American platform with More than 111 million visits in less of one month.

The series of phenomena rapidly invaded the world of video games and several versions of these squid games have already emerged in Genshin Impact, Fortnite or Animal Crossing. It is now when the community of league or legends has been updated with the fashion series. Well, a fan of the game and series recreated the scene of the first test with enough champions we can see in the crack of the invoker.

A test Calcade to the series and with unique touches

Fuentes: Youtube of Frasaselo.

If you have already seen the first episodes of the series, we can say that the narration is similar, although with an extra flash of genius, since the Creator has spread in his video with direct references to the game Riot Games. From the beginning, we can see all online champions, ready to throw yourself into the sand with red light light light.

Sion is the first to move and run without thinking without worrying about the rules of the game, a little when he uses him the definitive ability of him in the central lane on many occasions. Thus, he is punished by Gwen, who replaces the harmless doll of the series, so that the first blood of the game arrives. At that time, many more react to murder as it happens in the series and Start butcher.

Very quickly, we realize that the main character of the series has gained life on the skin of Yasuo, as not. Everything is worth, from the moment the friend of him zed advises him to survive, until the last minute rescue by the brother of him Yone. In this type of productions, each small detail is important to look like the original and youtuber made the effort to repeat the role of all the actors, even the subjects have their respective roles to interpret in the video interpreting the guards With his famous logo on the face.

After this first episode of the squid game with League of Legends, we are anxious to discover the next events. Will Zilean live alive? Can she use the definitive of her anyway? In any case, we can emphasize the hard work behind this video despite a little forgotten graphic quality along the way.