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Jahn Regensburg Mersad Selimbegovic and the Golden Handel

After previously two defeats in a row, the John with 3: 1 against Dresden ended his small thirsty route immediately again. In this league you can quickly get into a negative strudel. It is important that we have interrupted that, said coach Perseid Selimbegovic.

Keeper Alexander Meyer explained: We are all facilitated. But you have to leave something the church in the village. Even if we have lost two games one behind the other, it does not mean that we are in a crisis. In the 2nd league You win against everyone, but also lose.

Smaller: My last goal was really long ago

At 3: 1, with Benedict Smaller, Kan Caliskanner and Basis Madrid, there were three scorers, which were not allowed to cheer in the past so often about hits. Today it finally worked again. My last goal was really long ago, said Smaller. Namely, almost two and a half years: On July 28, 2019, at 3: 1 against Bochum had hit the right-back last.

With Caliskanner and Madrid Selimbegovic changed the duo, which caused the double strike in the final phase. With the changes we pulled the game again on our side, Selimbegovic analyzed and said about the attitude of his troupe: Never give up, deal with setbacks, always carry on.

Dresden curse broken

For Regensburg, it was the first victory in the ninth second division duel with the fear opponent Dynamo. At some point you have to start with it, commented Smaller the broken curse.

2012-09-25 - 01 SVS

With 28 points, the John has only a counter backlog in place 2. This is currently evidenced by Darmstadt — last opponent of the Regensburg in this calendar year (19 December). Previously, however, it is still after Dagenham (Sunday, 1:30 pm, live! At thirsty route), marriage Welder Bremen with a new trainer (Friday evening, December 10).

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Are Rockstar games too violent The authors of GTA came to question their moral

Max Payne is a fictional personality as well as the playable lead character of the neo-noir video game collection of the same name. Max was introduced in the 2001 third-person shooter Max Payne, which was written by Sam Lake and created by Remedy Home entertainment. The video game’s author, 3D Worlds, intended Max to work as the structure of a brand-new gaming franchise. In the very first video game, the personality was represented by Lake, with Timothy Gibbs as well as James McCartney later taking over the function, and also continually articulated by McCartney. Mark Wahlberg depicted Max in the 2008 film adjustment of the series. The first as well as third game in the collection present the story as retold by Max from his viewpoint, while the second video game alternates in between his and also that of the femme fatale character Mona Sax.
In the original Max Payne, Max is an NYPD police detective and also a covert unique representative for the DEA. Max becomes a vigilante following the murder of his family as well as, later on, the murder of his police partner, which he was framed for. In the 2nd video game, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, he goes back to the department as an investigator and also should solve a conspiracy loaded with fatality and also betrayal, which has a deep result on his individual life. At the beginning of Max Payne 3, which was developed by Rockstar Games, Max finds himself employed as a bodyguard for Rodrigo Branch, a well-off business owner in São Paulo, Brazil, however is soon drawn right into another conspiracy theory. The personality has been popular by media.

Although it takes years away from ROCK STAR, the veteran Jamie King was one of Sagas’s successful success as GTA or Max Payne, so I lived firsthand the controversial and the harsh criticisms that the study received For long years by violence and the topics that treated their games. I will always be proud of what we did because I feel we were at the forefront of the debate with parents and children, and even governments, that Video games were not alone for children.

We never lost freedom of expression Jamie King There were moments when we had so many criticisms of the type ‘you are ruining the moral of society’, as if we had to be dragged into the street so that they will be stocked until death, As if we were the worst, King continues in an interview with the Killazspain channel. And there were times when we of course we had that conversation: ‘ Are we bad? Is it wrong what we do? ‘ But at the end of the day the Rock star team appreciated positively that most people were able to process that content and stay with the important thing, which is that they were good video games.

Entrevisto a un Fundador de Rockstar Games, Jamie King

There are always some extremes but we will always be proud of the debate that we help trigger, explains the ex-Rockstar’s ex-director. I mean, Manhunt… okay, Manhunt was it too much? It was a bit intense, he adds. But ultimately, in Rock star always we knew what we did, and we were deeply worried about the content we created. It was one of the things that, in the first days of Rock star in New York, more we were worried. The objective was always creating excellent content. And give the best of us every day.

We took the critic in a personal way, we felt and had to question our own morale, the way of working even, but we never lost freedom of expression. He was funny, intelligent, entertaining and did not encourage anti- Social, concludes King, who in recent years has devoted his efforts to work in the world of ESPORTS. As part of this interview he also spoke of GTA 3 multiplayer who never finished.

FC Bayern FCB Boss Kahn manifests itself to JHV Eklat to Qatar sponsorship

Diana is a fictional character of the Combat temporal video clip game saga. He had his very first look as a selected character in 1993 in Mortal Kombat II and because after that he has actually shown up in almost most video games and also pitches of the legend such as Temporal Motion Pictures Combat and Temporal Combat: Annihilation and the Person Series Combat: Protectors of The World, Person Combat: Conquest as well as Person Combat: Heritage; And he has come to be one of the most identified characters and also icons of the legend.
Diana is the princess of the mystic kingdom of Denial, being the child of Kings Jerrod and Since, when Denial was dominated, her father passed away through that would certainly become her stepfather from the outdoors, Shaw Khan. The background of origin of it transforms according to the short-lived line in which it is established, yet in all it is served Shaw Khan as part of his elite squad of killers, in which they are likewise his buddy and also bodyguard, Jade and his sibling (Clone), Milena.

The Bavaria Boss Oliver Khan and Herbert Gainer have opened up publicly after the broken Annual General Meeting. CEO Khan also went to the controversial Qatar sponsoring.

For Qatar Airways sponsorship, we will catch up with the wide view of our members as possible, Khan wrote on Twitter.

An application submitted by FCB Member Michael OUT to tailor the continuation of the controversial sponsorship was rejected at the Annual General Meeting. After partly heated discussions on the topic, the AHV was stopped prematurely on Thursday, which led to even greater chaos. At Khan, the incidents still look after.

Apparently, a lot has not arrived in the emotions, which is important to me in the future. It has again shown how important the exchange between FC Bayern and our members, wrote Khan. I am very aware of it since I am back to our club, we have already started a lot here.

He referred to the creation of a common mission statement, which should be presented shortly. The suggestions of our members played a crucial role. Nevertheless, there is still a lot to do and improve!, Supplemented Khan.

Tumulte bei der Versammlung des FC Bayern - neuer Sponsor Katar
FC Bayern — Gainer: We will learn from it

Bavaria President Gainer, who had to go on Thursday after demolishing Gainer out calls, commented on Sunday. We are very importantly analyzing how it could come to this course of the Annual General Meeting, said the FCB president towards the Kicker. We will learn from it, and it is clear that we will reconsider and intensify communication with our members.

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Allegations for Qatar: Gainer device with FCB member to each other
The Bundesliga Fridays and Sundays exclusively live on DAZN — Register now!

Previously, it has become known that Gainer had reported by telephone at club member OUT. We have exchanged shortly over the AHV and remained so that we will lead a personal conversation to Qatar and the AHV, Out said at Twitter. When this conversation will take place, is not fixed yet. But what’s established is that the conflict must be resolved, wrote Out.

GTA The Trilogy improves its appearance with textures in 4K thanks to the work of this modder

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition has not counted on a return to the height of the legend it represents. The collection of these three iconic games had a fairly polemic launch because of some striking errors that, little by little, the study seems to be solving with content updates.

Even before his developers, molders came to fix some of these failures, but as it is already a tradition in the community, these are not going to settle for troubleshooting. NGC has shared the work of Nigel, a fodder that has prepared a MOD package for the GTA collection to which GTA SA Project Texture Overhaul has called.

GTA San Andreas Trilogy Definitive Edition Modded - Project Texture Overhaul WIP With 4K Textures!

The whole that this fodder has prepared consists of a total of 85 complete new textures, which replace some of the most common games. Among them is new textures for the main roads, with asphalt textures at resolution 4k, we can also change the aspect of tiles, earth, rock or mud from the environment of San Fairly and the Saints.

90% of the textures of this mod are at 4K In the description of the mod that we can find in Nexus Mods, the Fodder has confessed that its intention is not to change all the textures of the game, but to improve those that They can call more our attention while we play. He also warns that this is a developing project and therefore, we can find some problems. 90% of the textures of this mod are 4k, although this will change in the future to reduce the size of the mod. If you want to know more about the remaster of the mythical trilogy of Rock star, remember that you have available our Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy The Definitive Edition analysis.

Diogo Jota outline Thiago meets again Liverpool increases pressure on Chelsea

After the 2-0 victory against FC Porto, Kl opp changed directly half the start. Min amino, Similar, Matip, Williams, Ox lade Chamberlain and Morton stayed out at Robertson, Alexander-Arnold, Fabinho, Henderson, Diego Iota, and Van Disk returned to the initial formation. Saints coach Ralph Hassenhüttl was not so riding a rotation, but in a 3-4-3 system brought three new actors compared to the 1: 2 near Norwich City in the Start elf: Defraud, Franco and Broad began for Dial lo, Walker Peters and Elyounoussi.

Portuguese flash start

Diogo Jota, Thiago & van Dijk score | Liverpool 4-0 Southampton | The Debrief LIVE
In a fleet initial phase, the Reds presented early and achieved the lead in the 2nd minute by Iota. Only about ten minutes later, the favorite allegedly put the 2-0 by Mane after (13th), who was just off in his hit. Southampton succumbed to the beginning of the game too rarely to develop pressure on the midfield center of the LFC, which used the freedoms again and again to good steep jacks.

Double Diego Iota

So Salah came after a good quarter of an hour to the next chance of the households (17th). The saints were first difficult to get to the Gate of Allison, but by Broad after a mistake of the opposing defensive a top chance had to compensate (24th). No ten minutes later, however, Iota was once again at the point and made for the earned 2: 0 for the houses (32.), marriage Thiago in the 38th also achieved the third goal of Reds. Meanwhile, Southampton could not use the second good opportunities by Armstrong shortly before the break (45.).

Sovereign Liverpool plays leadership loose down

In the second pass, the picture did not change: The first good chance was Mane, the subsequent corner recalled Van Disk to 4: 0 (52.), while the guests in return left a double chance of Armstrong unused (54.). As a result, the game calmed down. Southampton seemed to finish with the defeat, while Liverpool did not push for more hits with the last force. In a correspondingly highlight of last half hour, another chance for Diego Iota, who made his trier pack narrowly (74.), the only climax.

Liverpool is temporarily jumping to the second place in the table, can go with a broad breast next Wednesday (21.15, Live! At Jota) to the Merseyside Derby at City Rivals Everton and has shortened the residue on leaders Chelsea (on Sunday against man united) on a counter.

New World Player numbers sink Amazon must react now

Game of Thrones [Gem UV ɹɹOʊNZ], also called the iron throne (according to the French title of the enchanting work of which it is adjusted), is a Fantasy American TV series created by David Benioff as well as DB Weiss, program between 17 April 2011 as well as May 19, 2019, on HBO in the USA simultaneously on HBO Canada in Canada.
This is the adaptation of the series of books composed by George RR Martin since 1996, legend renowned for its realistic look as well as by its several motivations from actual historical events, areas and personalities, such as the battle of the two-roses, the Wall of Hadrian or Henry VII Tudor.
In France, it has actually been transmitted given that June 5, 2011, on OCS Cine choc, end up being OCS shock, on Canal + given that January 10, 2013, and rebroadcast in clear on D8 (come to be C8) from October 28, 2013, as well as on D17 (now STAR) 2014.
The background of the series, situated on the make believe continents of Westeros and ESSS at the end of a summer of ten years, interlaces three large intrigues. The first intrigue informs Jon Snow’s story as well as the future raising threat of winter months coming close to, legendary and epic animals from north Westeros wall that divides the kingdom from the 7 crowns of the danger situated beyond. The second intrigue relates the technique of Daenerys Targaryen, south of ESSS, (the last exile agent of the fallen empire) in order to resume the iron throne; sign of outright power. The 3rd intrigue story the history of the members of a number of noble households, in a civil battle to dominate the iron throne of the kingdom of the 7 crowns. Through these morally uncertain characters, the series explores the subjects pertaining to political power, climate change, the social hierarchy, religious beliefs, civil war, sexuality and also physical violence in general.
Game of Thrones has gotten a remarkably huge as well as energetic worldwide fan base. The collection has been well-known by the majority of criticism, although some have discharged reservations regarding the high quantity of violence and sex in the story. She has gotten lots of honors, consisting of a Hugo reward for the ideal significant fiction as well as a Peabody Honor, along with ten premix time Emmy Awards — including 3 to the very best dramatic series for the first three seasons — two nominations at the Golden Globes. Within a considerable circulation primarily made up of British actors, the American actor Peter Dinklage won the Emmy Award along with the Golden Globe of the very best star in a 2nd duty for his interpretation of Tyrion Lannister. The British actor Set Harrington won the Young Hollywood Awards of the most effective star for his interpretation of Jon Snow. The British starlet Emilia Clarke won the Gracie Allen Awards of the ideal actress in a remarkable collection for his analysis of Danes Targaryen. In 2013, the Writers Guild of America called 40th 101 the most effective written collection in the history of television. To date, Game of Thrones is one of the most illegally downloaded and install television collection in the world. In 2015, the series got in the publication of documents as one of the most relayed series on the planet, with 173 countries. It is likewise among one of the most pricey series in history, the budget of season 6 being $100 million, or 10 million per episode.

Still, the number of players decreases from New World, which could ensure, where appropriate, will soon die out that the first server. Amazon reacts with server consolidations.

Update of November 18, 2021:

New World: After power is a low

Amazon Games the situation with New World has probably presented differently, especially since the game was saved from players initially barely. Now, however, the opposite is the case. According to the site Steam charts the game was a few weeks ago average inspire 400,000 simultaneous players for itself, now the multiplayer RPG at around 100,000 has arrived.

Suffer especially smaller servers, because without enough players breaks the whole economic system together. The need anyway much join — so much that Amazon temporarily abschaltete server recently after several Duping cases were discovered. Players have duplicated high value items such as home accessories for the endgame and even gold. Counterproductive for one anyway weak system.

New World - A Response to the Fans (and more bugs)
Of course, that does not go unnoticed, and despite the lack players had Amazon remained start a spell wave that affected at the end of more than 1,200 accounts.

We have blocked a total of over 1,200 players because these exploits permanently, its articles of the economy away and their entries deleted in the trading post. We have acted resolutely against obvious culprits on November 2 and the accounts of the worst offenders are permanently disabled, thereby removing over 80% of the ill-gotten coins and objects from the economy were so Alexandra Community Manager on the official blog.

How to proceed with New World remains to be seen. First, are a few servers will be merged.

(Source: Steam charts, Dev Blog)

Your you fancy another RPG? The complete version of Final Fantasy 14, there are cheap at Amazon:

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Complete version of PS4 game

Now from €29.99 at Amazon

The price may be higher now. Price as of 23/11/2021 15:03

original contribution of 14 November 2021:

Only to New World could not save them from players, but only shortly after the release of the game Amazon Games now has to contend with lack of players. The first server will soon be merged.

New World: The player numbers fall rapidly

After several delays Amazon’s first attempt in the MMO genre on September 28, 2021. Appeared first, it was a resounding success, so shot New World in the charts quickly to the top. The popularity of the game has now apparently but removed again — this could be, among others, bugs like the gold doubling that almost paralyzed the economy in the game.

With the update, it is 1:05 Amazon managed to address some problems, but apparently recorded on some servers a strong population decline. Now, the group reacts with the merger. The announced New World developer Kay on the official forum:

Hi, bringing together the worlds is imminent, but still requires further testing before we are confident enough to use the technology to live worlds. As you can imagine, we are overly cautious in view of the first rocky weeks.

Keep the official news section out for an early update of our community managers on this issue.

Is New World something for you? In the trailer you can make you an impression:

New tokens for a server changes are possible

Forum most fans respond positively to this news, but some players have their token for a server transfer now virtually wasted. This includes forum users Karina.

Is there any hope of a second transfer token for those of us who have used the first to join friends and now stuck on dead servers? I know it’s early, it’s only noon, but according to the database of New World are on my server just 167 people online. Change every day more people the server.

As much as bugs and exploits also annoying, I could handle it… but it’s hard to play a game like this, when there are not many others with whom you can play.

But it seems so, as if these players lucky because developers Kay replied, that there is hope there.

(Source: New World Forum)

Went you look out for RPG alternatives we have in this Bilderstrecke a few tips for you:

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Battlefield 2042 Almost twice as many players for launch as Battlefield V

Denude Anti-reboot, or Denude, is an anti-manipulated security modern technology established by the Austrian business Denude Software program Solutions GmbH, a business developed through the purchase by the management (for its acronym in English — HBO) of Sony DAD Digital Works. It is asserted by DENUDE that its system is not a digital rights management option (DRM), considering that it is created to overcome the security of existing DRM services, such as the among online access beginning and also the management system of Vapor licenses.

DICE Responds to Battlefield 2042 Launch Issues...

Exactly two weeks ago, the Early Access for pre-ordered Battlefield 2042 started and exactly one week ago, since the shooter was officially published. Recently, DICE discussed the plans for the next three updates to Battlefield 2042, of which two have already rolled out. For, the launch was more than bumpy and was clouded by technical problems and bugs, when millions of players gathered for the first time on the battlefields of the near future. How many millions of players Battlefield 2042 had to Launch, Electronic Arts did not express in exact numbers. According to its own statement, however, the latest part of the series should have had almost twice as many players as Battlefield V. For the next week, the third update follows. The patch notes for the second update published yesterday can read here.

More realistic than the last of us The future of the next gene is scary

Unreal Engine is a game engine produced by the firm Legendary Games, at first shown at the first-person Unbelievable shooter in 1998. Although it was developed mostly for the first-person shooters, it has actually been effectively made use of in a range of other genres, consisting of Stealth video game, fight, MMORPG and also other RPG. With its code written in C ++, the Unreal Engine provides a high degree of portability as well as is a tool presently made use of by numerous video game programmers. One of the most steady variations is Unreal Engine 4, which was released in 2014 under a subscription model. Given that 2015, you can download and install at no cost, with your resource code readily available in GitHub. In May 2020, legendary revealed Unreal Engine 5, intended to be launched completely at the beginning of 2022, including uniqueness such as Lumen innovation (worldwide lights in genuine time), Nanite and also a brand-new even more arranged and sophisticated editor.

A video of a VFX Studio demonstrates what is possible in the Unreal Engine 5: Hyperrealistic faces that provide an Uncanny Valley effect. Is this the future of games like The Last of Us and GTA?

So realistic could play games

The VFX Studio Diva Dynamics shows how Next-Gen games could look like in the future. With the help of Motion Capturing, the studio in the Unreal Engine 5 creates something, which is amazing and scary at the same time: hyperrealistic video game characters whose facial expressions can be controlled in real time.

How to realistically the whole thing looks like, you see in the following video:

In the best case, facial movements in video games could thus be in the future liquid appearance as ever. But it can also come to the Uncanny Valley effect — that is the feeling that something almost human acts, but at the same time something unnatural resilient.

This effect is slightly more significant in the following clip, the created by an AI :

How some commentators say under the Reddit post, the smile looks a little stiff. The lips are not quite as they should and there are still a few shadows as well as body fluids in the mouth area to make it more realistic. By and large, however, the comments agree: the videos are impressive. The same opinion seems to have over 94,000 people who have donated to the post’s up vote.

When can you expect photorealistic game characters?

Diva Dynamics has often worked on CG models for film and television. That the studio now wants to devote video games, could mean that they offer their services also large games studios, as soon as the technique is mature. When that will be, however, can not be estimated.

Since a GTA 6 is already in development, the next major AAA games will probably have to get along without the hyperrealistic faces of Diva Dynamics. Since the Unreal Engine 5 makes the formalism shown but already possible, the whole thing could still go faster than expected. Let’s see what’s going on in the future. Source: Diva Dynamics)

So, but now enough looked and stunted — now it’s going on: We challenge you to guess well-known video game characters alone on the basis of stupid descriptions. I wish you success:

You May Need to Lower Your Expectations For Next-Gen Graphics

Can you guess 7 Game character based on stupid descriptions?

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The Black Friday November madness goes into the second round and thus some new offers were released. For example, you now get Star Wars Jedi: Fall orders for only 14.99 euros and more:

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Wow Patch 9 2 End for Clique and Mouseover Macros New Interface

With patch 9.2 of WoW Shadow lands two new features in the standard interface are mainly healers make life easier. Instead of having cumbersome each skill with mouseover macros to act on players or WoW add-ons installed as clique be integrated Click Key binds and mouseover aim in targeting the Standard Interface.

Who needs mouseover macros?

Mouseover macros allow players a group member or enemy to target and an ability to act as soon as the mouse pointer is over the target. This saves the constant Rumgeklicke, which is especially useful for healers who constantly and often need to change the destination. This saves the millisecond to click time, which can sometimes decide on virtual life and death.

So far, players have it written for each ability mouseover macros or use add-ons like clique with which skills could be attached to the left and right mouse buttons. As the data miners have found from towhead, both the macros are unnecessary and additional add-ons thanks to two new features in the standard interface.

Click Key binds replace add-ons like Clique

Strings in the game files of patch 9.2 show the options for the possible skills to mouse clicks to bind.

Add Binding
Target Unit Frame

Shadowlands Beginner Healing Guide | How to Heal with Blizzard Frames | How to use Mouseover Macros
Click on a spell or macro to get started
% S Unbound
Not available while in Click Cast Bindings
| Interface \\ option frame \\ UI option frame NewFeatureIcon: 0: 0: 0: -1 | click Casting
% SO s
Not available for Click Cast Binding
% S (default)
% S (Macro)
Unbound — mouseover and click to set
Hover over and click a mouse button to set a binding
Custom Mouse Bindings
Default Mouse Bindings
Open Context Menu
Do you want to reset all bindings click to Their defaults?

You have unsaved Click Cast bindings. You will lose any changes if you close now.
You have unsaved Key Bindings. Would you like to save them before entering into Click Cast bindings?

mouseover options in Patch 9.2

The mouseover options indicate that you can choose whether skills will always be worked to be used (always active) or only via Modifier (in combination with Shift, Alt, etc.).

Mouse Overcast Key
Use the SHIFT key to cast targeted spells on your mouseover target.
When held this key will enable mouseover casting.
No key set.
Use the CTRL key to cast targeted spells on your mouseover target.
Use the ALT key t
| Interface \\ option frame \\ UI option frame NewFeatureIcon: 0: 0: 0: -1 | Unit Frame Mouse Overcast
O cast targeted spells on your mouse over target


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