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In experimental card mode, players on all platforms can also test heroes and balance changes.

In Blizzard Entertainments Over vert has been said a lot about balance, whether it is more frequent balance patches or hero bans. Director Jeff Kaplan said all this in a new developer update by introducing Hero Pools and the Experimental Card. Look at it below.

Hero Pools are essentially a pool of heroes who are no longer available for a week in competitive mode. These are essentially hero bans who are set by Blizzard instead of the players and prevent the meta from being too long to stale. The Experimental Card is probably more interesting — it is essentially about the Public Test Realm server, but as a playlist and for all platforms.

Blizzard will use this playlist to test balance changes to heroes and possibly even changes to modes like Assault. It is not guaranteed that these changes affect live servers, but they offer a broader audience the opportunity to try out changes to the account balance. Even better is the fact that victories consider as progress for collecting booties, the completion of challenges, etc.

Other upcoming functions include an improved anti-cheat feature, the ability to record and pass on repetitions, revising the statistics page (which will be released shortly) and much more. Hero Bans and the Experimental Card are expected to appear in the coming months, so you are looking forward to more details.

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