When we talk about legendary figures in the video game industry, there is no doubt that Shiner Miyamoto is definitely one of them. Japanese creative has had a long history with Nintendo same dating back to the early 80s, when Miyamoto still was not as well known as today. Well then, someone had the good fortune to meet the executive in those times and not only that, but also gave a business card autographed, which recently disappeared.

Tony Croix, a musician who is not very familiar with video games, Miyamoto met to late 80s Croix did not really know who he was Miyamoto but to the leave, the Japanese gave him his card, signed it and even drew a small Mario.

Croix described how he was brought together with Miyamoto:

He was in the music business, and in 1989 he was working for a country band. We were playing at a festival in Japan. The developer owned a country bar called Good Time Charlies; he was called Charlie Nagasaki. After the concert he invited us to the bar of it. At the arrival, he introduced me to his friend that he could only speak English half, but it was enough to communicate. We stopped at the bar and talk about music. He was very interested in stringed instruments I took care, as guitars and mandolins. Only we talk about music as we shared a few beers together.

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At the end of the night, when it was time to leave, I asked for my autograph; jokingly, I said I would give mine if he gave me his. When I took out my card and signed it, he did the same. I realized that after signing the name of it, quickly drew a small character in it. I m not a player and had no idea who he was little he drew. Some time later I saw someone playing the character and recognized: it was Super Mario !

Following this discovery, Croix researched and realized how important it was Miyamoto today, so he decided to dust off this old card and send it to an auction house to help him determine a good price for it. Unfortunately for Croix, the card disappeared, although it is likely that the stolen.

I was curious to know the value of this card and started trying to find an appraiser. I found an ad in an auction house specializing in games and I contacted them and persuaded me to send the card for an upcoming auction. They said that this would be the featured article. I sent the card, and they called me to tell me that the card was missing.

I really think it was stolen and probably reappear in the future. Honestly, I doubt they ever recover, but I d really like to get the word out to the community of players on the true story of this card, and how it arose and how it was removed to the original owner.

As stated Croix, the chances of recovering this card are virtually nil, and it really is a disgrace that an object with such historical value has fallen among thieves. Sounds like something impossible, but hopefully achieve the whereabouts of this card.

Note from the editor: I can not imagine the courage it must be feeling this musician after hearing about the disappearance of this card. I mean, I do not know how much money we re talking about, but such an object itself should be worth a tidy sum, but I think its historical significance is what we must highlight here.