Earlier this week, it was revealed to the cast that will form the adaptation Live-Action of One Piece by Netflix. While we do not have such well-known actors, an artist was given to the task of damaging them as the anime characters and the truth is that they have left the papers.


Via Reddit, the user known as agent-65 published a gallery where we can see all these actors characterized as their anime counterparts:

Obviously, this does not mean that the characters are going to see itself in this adaptation of Netflix, but at least these illustrations serve as a benchmark in case they are going to be faithful to anime.

We still do not know exactly when this adaptation goes out, but if everything goes well, we could have it on the platform perhaps at the end of the next year.

Editor s note: Well, the truth is that after having seen these actors characterized with their respective roles, the truth is that they are similar. Of course, not everyone will be identical in the final version, but these concepts give us a good idea what to expect from this Live-Action.