This is a list of notable open-source computer game. Open-source video games are set up from and are themselves open-source software program, including public domain name video games with public domain name resource code. This list also consists of video games in which the engine is open-source but various other data (such as art as well as songs) is under an extra restrictive certificate.

FIFA 22 is already here. The new delivery of the EA Sports football classic is already a tradition between the players, and we know that the most enthusiasts of the football simulator were waiting for the return of the tournaments to start with your career in this new delivery. The PS4 Open Series of FIFA 22 begins and, with it, your opportunity to get great prizes in PS Store, a PS5 and many surprises while you show what you are worth in the field.

An open tournament to all those who want to fight for the prizes Everything you need To participate is to register through this link, have more than 16 years, an active PlayStation account and reside In one of the countries included in the promotion. The qualifier will begin on November 22, although if you have not arrived on time, you will have other subsequent rounds with which you can also get access to the final rounds and opt for more prizes.

How will the Open FIFA 22 Tournaments be 22?


The most exciting thing about these tournaments is that are open to everyone and therefore, you will not need to be a FIFA professional 22 to enter the competition. With the necessary skills, you can be the one who reaches the final and takes the prize for the most veterans. If you think you can be one of the best, all you have to do to prove it is to register and start competing for the prizes.

How many games do I need to win to access the prizes?

It is not easy to reach the end in the open championships, the competition is hard and the juicy prizes, but with skill and temperance you can get you with great rewards. Each day of competition of the group stage will be a tournament in which players will select a team, 6 tournaments per group adding a total of 48 tournaments. You may get opposite professional teams, so show what you know and your career in the ESPORTS could end up starting.

What are the Awards of the Open Series of FIFA 22?

The rewards will be increasing depending on how far you reach the competition. In the first round you can opt for exclusive topics and avatars, but the best of each tournament will have a place at the final of 48 players, plus 100 euros of credit from the PS Store, the second one will take a prize of 50 euros for the PS Store.

The finals of the group stage, quarterfinals, semifinals and the end of the tournaments have the most juicy prizes, ranging from 50 euros of credit for the PS store up a PS5 and 1000 euros of the PS balance Store. Accesses will also be distributed to the Gran End that will take place in May 2022, which will be retransmitted at the PlayStation channels of YouTube and Twitch and in which the 8 best players of the UCL tournament will have the opportunity to win 1000 Euros of PS Store and a PS5 credits.

When can I sign up at the Awards of the Open Series of FIFA 22?

You can now sign up for the PS4 Open Series that will start this November 22! But remember, if you lose your boot, you will have many new opportunities throughout the month to get to the top. What do you expect to demonstrate your FIFA domain? The level is high, but you can also become an authentic FIFA professional, who knows if this path that now starts to travel can be the one that determines your future.