After the great success of Netflix series Arcane will hear certainly delighted fans that Riot Forge new games from the LoL universe published. One of them is already at the top of the Steam top sellers.

Ruined King: Shortly after release a glaring success

As part of a video presentation Riot Forge four new games announced, all of whom play in the famous LoL universe. Riot Forge is to produce a publishing label of Riot Games, which focuses on partnerships with external studios to licensed content. A successful game has the partnership been produced in any case: Ruined King: A League of Legends story.

Ruined King is a rundendbasiertes single-player role-playing game Airship Syndicate. The story takes place in two parts of Runeterra: Bilge Water and the Shadow Isles. Bilge Water is a city on the sea, the home of villains of all kinds. The shadows Islands are a place that is surrounded by a mysterious fog. In the game you organize a group of popular League of Legends characters as Miss Fortune, Million, Baum, Yahoo, HRI and Pike. The aim is to neutralize a common threat.

The game is November 16, 2021, PC, switch, Xbox One and PS4 appeared. In the near future to follow free upgrades for the PlayStation and Xbox.

In the official trailer can you an idea of ​​the game make:

Ruined King on Steam

League of Legends: Three more games with your favorite characters

Ruined King is not the only ace that Riot Forge currently has up its sleeve. With Hex tech Mayhem another game playing in the LoL universe appeared yesterday.

Hex tech Mayhem is a rhythm-runner Choice of Provisions, home of the witty hurdles Riggs and Harbinger. Here it comes, literally to ensure a terrific atmosphere, as there must bomb jumps and bombing a stimulating soundtrack will be performed to the beat. Avoid obstacles and so turns off opponents.

Hex tech Mayhem is available for PC and Switch. Also, the game will soon be for Netflix subscribers in the app.

Scion the official trailer for the game provides a good mood:

Hex tech Mayhem on Steam

We come to the games, which will be displayed: Song of Nun and Cone / hence.

Song of Nun is at Tequila Works in development and is, as the name suggests, the boy with his Nun Yeti friend Will ump into focus. The game is a single-player action adventure. The friends embark on the trip of a lifetime to Nuns to find long-lost mother.

The game will appear in 2022 for PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

In official developer video gets her already ample to see gameplay:

Cone / hence is developed by Double stallion. This is a two-dimensional action-adventure platformer for single player and follows the story of Echo, who explores the world of fencing.

Also, this game is to appear in 2022 for PC and the usual consoles.

In this game Echo starring as the official developer video shows:

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