Test servers with the next update to World of Warcraft Shadow lands have moved, so we have a preview to what 9.2 will bring. You will find a general description of the news here, and now we will look at the dubious thing as new Sylvan as e.g.

As Blizzard announced us, Sylvan as discovered that she was only a Jailer Marionette. Apparently, she was offended at him and, however, does not want to help him. Was it good? Not necessarily, but its not on his side, and this is something! Therefore, in Eternitys End, we will see her in a slightly different edition. Without a characteristic armor, in a more casual prison dress, but still with a characteristic mart on the face. Interestingly, it also has a scar on the chest, which has not been shown so far. Probably the update will explain what is her genesis.

Whats next? Succubus es are Demonic in the World of Warcraft from which services can use the Warlock class. However, 9.2 will introduce a male variant of these beings, i.e. incubuses, available as an optional Glyph. Therefore, no one will be forced to run with them — you will choose whom you want to have at your side.

The Adapted Raptors mounts were also discovered, which was modeled on a unique mounted with Item Shop, Sapphire Sky blazer. It is not an ordinary advertising, you can see the differences between them, but they are modeled on the same skeleton, although their models differ from each other. Nevertheless, its good news that all this uniqueness is not reserved only to IS in the Pay-to-play game.

However, that it was not so pleasant, the mentioned Item Shop and so it enriched for new cosmetic items. This time it does not mount, because these are not lacking there. Blizzard instead tempted to add another transmit, even two — Baby Marlon Satch-Shells and Celestial Observers Ensemble.

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This first will be received as part of buying a subscription for half a year or a 15-dollar. It is a pellets (back) transmission that changes it into a backpack with a sweet Turlock. It is a pity that they are not so advanced as their backs in Fortnite (they react to our activities), but they still look cool. You have an example at the top of the news.

The second transmission is a whole outfit (SET) matching the Celestial collection. Keeper in Star Tonalá will surely hit the tastes of some people. Especially that some of its elements have unique visual effects / animations. You can purchase this transmit for $20 or stocked the entire Stargazers Pack package in a special promotion that lasts until November 29. It contains a transmission, PETA and Mount.

Pictures from Towhead, where, moreover, I refer to more details about the news from World of Warcraft. Watch out only on spoilers!