Pulse Bis was famous for its highest quality black desert to make high quality games in a relatively fast time. There was a self engine on that basis. An engine optimized for its game development is a rock that supports the bis development force. And, this self engine is continuously upgrading.

On the 19th, the Becky Convention Hall, which is ongoing was held in the Becky Convention Hall, Bis conducted the Next Generation Engine Development Postmodem on the subject. The announcement was pulsed, and the Lead Engine Programmer was in charge of the Lead Engine Programmer, and introduced the strengths of its engineer applied to the Red Desert and Plan 8 and Goblin.

The core of the Bis Next-Generation Engine, which is a programmer, the core of the next-generation engine was to develop high quality games faster, more detailed, and that they were able to respond to new projects and multi-platforms. The higher the quality of the game, the more risks that enter the development, and it was a key to automating the part where many efforts and capital were put on growing. He explained what it is important to focus on this process.

First, a light source effect using light and shadow was mentioned. The programmer said, Lighting is the core of rendering, and to improve the completeness of the game through a variety of lighting methods. Typically, cluster shading that can be processed without prior treatment, is heavier than other expressive techniques, but it is a realistic representation of area light, Mashup shadow and Ream arch Shadow, and Ray-Ray-Ray, and Ray March Shadow, and Rarest Shadow, I listed the process.

Next, the programmer mentioned that its new engine is also showing strengths to handle atmospheric phenomena such as heaven, sun, moon, clouds and fog. The integrated atmospheric expression that can express various phenomena at a time, and the Ray Marque rendering technique can be applied to air and aerosol, and cloud density at a time.

Part of collision avoidance and moving path improvement. For realistic expressions, interactions with peripheral objects were applied to environmental objects, which traces the traces of the character, and a scene that performs several interactions in accordance with the behavior, wind direction, and the intensity of the winding, and the intensity of the wind, and the intensity of the wind.

Finally, the programmer announced that the next generation of Bis will continue to strive for technology development, and it would be hard to improve and optimize quality, project-specific requests and platform expansion.

On the other hand, every middle of the announcement, it was developed in the process of developing the next generation engine application. The roadside was utilized in the scene that represents the shadow expression technology, and the red desert was used to explain the atmospheric effect. And the mechanical object estimated to be present in Plan 8 also shifted in the process of expressing movement.