It ran 2014, and they were so tiny the number of readers who knew the Guardians of the Galaxy that Kevin Face s idea of ​​making them star a film sounded as a foolishness. That is to say. The nomenclature Guardians of the Galaxy was decades behind him, as he identified a group of spatial superheroes born in 1969, but we could only recognize You (Tutor de Peter Quill) among anecdotal characters whose adventures were developed far from the main ones Creations of the header. This does not imply that until 2007, the date of birth of the contemporary guardians, we did not know Quill, Rocket and the others — fact, characters such as Zamora and Draw the destroyer had exercised an important role in the great cosmic extras, by its close relationship With Thanos, but only then we saw them forming part of a team, and showing a sense of humor who made the delights of a fandom minority, but enough for Marvel s cinematographic universe to give him prudent to give them shelter. He did it only seven years after the rebirth of the brand, and almost like a demonstration of strength after The Avengers of Joss When will find in 2012 that Marvel Studios knew very well what he did with his narrative scrupulously series, in constant persecution of a Crossover greater.

The idiosyncrasy of the Guardians of the Galaxy was so particular that not only — and in dialing contrast to the recent eternal, whose detour of the Marveling Formula has found a considerable rejection — maintained the triumphant breath of visitors, but began to become a Species of shelter for those prematurely tasty spectators of thermal heroes, with that Iron Man Catalina to the head. In the ranks of the Guardians we had another Catalina landing them from leader, Peter Quill Alias ​​Star-Lord, but unlike Tony Stark the jokes were more funded in their constant radicalization than in the biting replica, affecting the children s complexes and in the Difficulties of taking over a group of justices when he could not even take charge of his own life. This injection of humorous closeness, in combination to the air between weird and adorable assembly -the Rocket / Groot- and the energy Star Wars that outlined smugglers, worlds so fantastic as decadent and heroism for awakening, became Guardians of the Galaxy not only In a success, but in an alternative. As much as eventually they had to join the Avengers, Peter Quill s troop lived independent adventures, alien to eight films hardware; He followed his own path between the stars. He did not even seem appropriate to consider them superheroes.


Within this configuration of guardian of the galaxy as a loose verse of the UCM would also be advisable to speak of James Gun, who directed the first film and wrote the script of him in the company of Nicole Perlman. This filmmaker was held a career at the independent production company Aroma Entertainment, whose serial Z proposals abounded in Campos Eroticism and gore unleashed, but also in a particular affection for the protagonists. It is The toxic avenger, trice flag, the great benchmark that has guided Gun s career and thus who has prompted the phenomenon Guardians of the galaxy -what is great in many ways-, giving him an indelible personality to characters that They could have been limited to transiting a path easily cool. Therefore, Gun can be in Marvel — we have already seen what happens if he lets go, in the suicide squad, the guardians of him overflow personality, and have transcended both the precedent assembly and the feats of his companions avengers. Hence, returning to video games, he sounds like Dena VU a comparative victorious with Marvel s Avengers.

The question is that Avengers and Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy maintain a dialogue that goes beyond parking facades or outsiders facades, as both titles cultivate alternative ways of approaching the super heroic fact. Or, considering the nature of Star-Lord and company, heroic to dry. In 2004 Trey arch published Spider-Man 2 on the occasion of Sam Rail s homonymous film, and on the ability with which he channeled previous Arachnid Adventures within an open world underlying a fundamental guideline: a simple, but complex of executing, how to make us feel We were spider-man. The concept evolved erratically in later years, until in 2018 we run into an indisputable improvement at the hands of Insomniac. Titles as celebrated as Batman s Arkham saga or, outside the consolidated licenses, Infamous, also had this will, once the brief but joyful super heroic open worlds that had opened Spider-Man 2 and that was prolonged In The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction or that miserable Superman Returns.

This dynamic, who putting sociological could call aspirational fantasy, is certainly not the only shuffle to elaborate superhero video games. We can also find submissions to seated formulas — the titles of Lego cradled from Escartejans or the Lead Combat: Gods Among Us —, graphic adventures like the one who already starred on the same guardians for TELLTALE in 2017 or, and may incur an amalgam of all of them, those games that want to emulate from Cape a tail the narrative development of films or comics neglect other sections. A very relied on example would be the launch of Deadpool in 2013, three years before Ryan Reynolds starred at the homonymous film. The title of High Moon Studios made a strenuous script that sought to bring together all the jokes of the mercenary lumps including his mania to demolish the fourth wall — only that now the character knew he was in a video game and not in a vignette — but everything The ingenuity that raised the dialogues was the same from which the playable experience lacked. The feeling was tremendously ungratefully, because of a good part of the fun of the proposal seemed relegated to the kinematics.

In what dynamic is Marvel s Avengers frame? Undoubtedly, in aspirational fantasy. It adjusts to it with something similar to despair, because it has nothing more than that. Also, of course, because it is the most reliable at the time of propping an experience susceptible to loots and prolongation over time beyond history mode, but what now has to be matched is how it works. And, surprise, not too well, but more for a dysfunctionality between elements than by a starting error. At the level of Genesis, Crystal Dynamics used a noteworthy effort to create each avenger and that the reactions when playing with each of them were different, but also analogously satisfactory thanks to their essential features. While it had to be designed such a number of characters that was very difficult — and both Hulk and a black widow are the great victims — as a general rule worked. Each avenger was different, with each avenger you seemed to have skills Di stints. It may sound like best, but it seems evident that Crystal Dynamics was based on this logic by erecting as Argument the progress of avengers to your team, and generate various degrees of euphoria when you went to control Captain America or, above all, to Thor.

The problem settled, of course, that it is difficult to feel a superhero if you do not have rivals up to height. That enemies were limited to being several Robots spoiling this aspiration, but nothing was as symptomatic as that at some point of development it was good for the idea of ​​placing as a main villain… m.o.d.o.k. Acronym from Mobile / Mechanized Organism Designed Only For Killing, and a character so surprisingly ridiculous that this year starring a (sensational) series of animation for Hulu with the humorist Patton Oswald putting a voice. This parody comedy reached television with such a little time with respect to Marvel s Avengers who seemed to be part of the generalized Pierre in which this video game has been wrapped, accumulating expansions and becoming a well without a lot of money with such a waffle that He does not even want to proceed to criticize his writing. Only, by ending the matter, lamenting for good ideas that did not find a vehicle up, including the conceptual success of Kamala Khan as a conductive thread and transport of the enthusiastic player who, suddenly, turns out to have powers.

Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy is very different from Marvel s Avengers, but not so much for simple quality as because he has chosen the opposite approach. Deadpool s.

There Ain t No Way We ll Lose It, This is Our Life, This Is Our Song

The time is time to admit that the mercenary lumps is a little tired. And that, beyond how Ryan Reynolds career has devoured, the film birth of him was due to conjectural purposes rather than a sudden creative courage. Deadpool starred his own film just when the UCM had been consolidated, the X-men who driven a more or less awarded audiovisual super heroic were exhausted, and the self-imposed narrative limitations had led to crossovers of the wrestling, Iron Man vs Captain America, Iron Man vs Captain America Batman V Superman. We attended, go, a gentrification of the genre that Deadpool came to challenge exclusively for cosmetic purposes, with lady-in-lawn jokes who sought to change everything to not change anything. As he could exemplify his insistence on tropes as feminine as the female figure, first damsel in trouble and then woman in the fridge.

This diatribe comes to mind — to take advantage of and claim ages of prey, that even being originated by the same breath that the mercenary did manage to shake a few overwrite — because the Deadpool seal has become a very helpful tool to present As the new movement of always, and marry with facade edgy an inherently conventional set. Of course, the superhero is not so exhausted in the video game as it is in the cinema, attending the immense possibilities of the environment and the caliber of variants that the aforementioned aspirational fantasy can experience… but Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy wants to be so cinematographic That sometimes incurs the boredom of the goal. They are few, go, and for the most part they are reduced to jokes with the sequence of credits or an intermediate section Experimental? Quite embarrassing, but they serve to exemplify what is the model to which it opts for a plates.

In Guardians, you only control one of them. Peter Quill, you know. He makes sense because he is the main character and leader of training, and of course it would be strange that he will control a member will control Rocket — although this last was a fantasy; Notwithstanding the mere decision that there is a single playable character is already revealing. The biggest criticisms of the Midas Montréal video game aim to the routine of combat, and Star-Lord has a good part of guilt. Its use of the blasts, the way they are customizing and the lifting boots do not take long to drive the battles at a neutral point, from which it only strives to go out with the musical setting — can not fight at the rhythm of The Final Countdown Be the most original combination of the world, but frankly can not molar more- and the use of the skills of the other guardians, to which you recur in the form of orders. The latter implies that the fantasy of being GROOT is automatically evaporated: it is impossible to feel the vertigo of the performative when the character with which you are looking for Funding is limited to building branches of branches so that your classmates can pass on the other side.

These deficiencies are to involve, of course, that the fighting does not earn a variety as they unlock skills or that the wandering by the scenarios is not in itself an enjoyment thanks to its design and the adequate regurgitation of mechanics that you have to use to go through them, Evening that descending for slides will be fun again. The aforementioned limitations may compare that the latest habit of history are perceived stretched and boring — with a succession of BOSSES especially enervating by the custom of the game of staying —, but Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy goes out to float, between Other things, because consistently it brings studied the dynamics that seeks to swell. It is rigorous to say it: The Montréal Ends game is exceptionally written, and the strength of its narrative is capable of eclipse both the possible deficiencies of its gameplay and the arrhythmias of development and the non-polished details.

The shadow of James Gun is elongated, and is perceived in the fabulous characterization of the characters. Following the steal of Avengers and the Spider-Man of Insomniac, Guarders stands in a continuity that carefully combines the Dena with the recognition of who has already passed by box office, and Tina to generate a curiosity for this kind of alternative universe comparable To which he generated that mature Peter Parker we met during his best iteration in the consoles. Montréal Midas Game gives you a background similar to Peter Quill and the rest of guardians, but the plot rests on the shared militancy in a historic warlike conflict that concluded with Thanos s death at the hands of, yes, Draw the Destroyer -By End could avenge the death of your family — and with certain STAR-LORD scarce during the same one that will bring consequences. For the rest, the scenario is identical to that of the films and happily deepens in its corners, either allowing us to travel the streets of Sequential, take a look at the treasures of the collector or to know in depth the unparalleled cosmos, the Soviet dog. The maintenance of the cassette of Quill as a basic element of the construction of the character and the adventures of the group ends up converting the video game into a mere expansion of what Gun in the cinema, but what is achieved by Gun is so phenomenal, and it is so good Replicate in this work, which would be foolish to consider it a defect.

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Those responsible for the title have been aware that the greatest attraction with which they started was the character of the characters and their ease to make them want, hence that lettering that letter fiercely play. The dialogues possess the spirit of Gun without almost no case to pretend a mere imitation, and are so numerous and graceful that Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy sometimes goes by being a hypnotic interactive comedy. The one who so easily generate the laughter is due, evidently, to the admirable mime with which his characters have given the audiovisual jump, earning even power with respect to what was seen in cinemas — we felt, but Draw has never been as hilarious as here, while Mantis has a much more forceful characterization than that offered at the UCM by Pom Klementieff-, and being the chain of jokes so tirelessly that it becomes over when you are fighting or resolving puzzles and these people, simply, do not shut up.

All of which results in the intrinsic will of Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy: that you are a spectator before a superhero.

i Just Want to Tell You How I m Feeling, Gotta Make You Understand…

It seems clear, for all the exposed, that Guardians subscribe the least stimulating surface of super heroic video games, and that in reality, the only thing that differentiates from Avengers Fiasco is a better execution of its concept — one, being fair, much easier to delimit That what the game of Crystal Dynamics intended — parallel to the presence of not so monolithic and more sympathetic characters. It is a conclusion capable of killing the triumphalism with which Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy has been perceived but that he would not have to do less the achievements either, nor to an appearance that activates fortunately to the game of the comfort zone that Fall the grace.

Let s go back to the choice of Star-Lord as a playable character. Star-Lord is not only a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy -Possibly the less charismatic member, something that supports his repository condition of the player s sensitivity — but also the leader of him. And it is not something merely nominal: there is really an effort to reflect the leadership and the problems that this can carry, allowing the public to get into the skin of an arrogant kid that sticks shots from the heights, yes, but also someone who doubts Self, who suffers when he can not communicate with his companions, and that he is pushed all the time to make decisions. Guardians are not limited to expressing this with the cinematic on duty, but is reinforcing it with so simple strategies and at the same time toned as resorting to the first-person point of view at times when it is necessary to quickly improvise what to do next, or choose so many attitudes As dialogue lines according to the game, ask you. Yes, it is not especially broken, but when protecting yourself in an exemplary writing, it manages to support Draw or Rocket at a discussion to be surprisingly peliagudo, however this has to respond as much to how well you can fall as it is wrong that you think they are. Anenecdótica but sufficiently perceptible, the way in which you are near of these conflicts will have a later effect, and will be strengthening an immersion in the playing capable of emotionally interpreting. Driving, finally, at least of unusual beauty, as when Zamora is depressed and tried to encourage her by fitting the verses of The Warrior. Observe Zamora s growing smile while you sing to Duo Shooting at the Walls of Heartache, Bang, Bang is, indeed, a beautiful.

The role of leader (or coach, rather said) of Star-Lord is also present in the fighting not only for the foregoing of the orders to the guardians — or the inevitable responsibility to heal them or solve altered states — but also by the Delicious option to pineapple. Star-Lord asks a tall in the fight and meets with his team, as if he were a coach in a sports meeting. Rocket, Draw, Zamora and Groot look at you waiting for a motivating softener that you have to manufacture right there, with care to throw slogans that do not mean anything or your colleagues do not understand. To get inspiring them, it is as simple as listening to what they tell you. With measuring your mood, worrying about giving with the correct key so that they feel good and keep your trust in you. It is one of an overwhelming simplicity, but it works. You feel that your acts matter and that they are making an effect on others, almost describing an alternative heroism. And as if the speech goes well, all will continue fighting at the rhythm of a Titans because, for what we are going to deceive, it is clear that the game has achieved it, and it has become a guardian.