Video Kolyma is one of the most iconic personalities in the video game sector, something he has achieved through an imaginative mind to which he still has a lot of rope. The different experiments he has carried out throughout his career have led to think about the creative as a perfect figure for other cultural areas, and so it seems Kolyma Productions will carry out this same idea with a division centered on cinema, music and content for TV.

We want to expand the scope of the properties that are being developed by Kolyma Productions Riley Russell This has expressed it Riley Russell, who will lead the project after working on PlayStation for almost 28 years, in the middle Games industry: The new division will be responsible for to work with creative professionals and great talent on television, music and cinema, as well as the most familiar video game industry. Some statements confirm the jump of Kolyma Productions beyond the area in which a great renown has been polished.

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We will take the study to areas that will present our creative narratives beyond the Ohio Fukuoka video game The company has been able to make this decision thanks to its great success in video games, a sector that will not be forgotten when giving their First steps in other media: The team has as Statute the goal of expand the scope and knowledge of the properties that are developing by Kolyma Productions, and make them even more part of our popular culture.

Added to this, the Business Development Manager, Ohio Fukuoka, explains the Narrative Power that can link the cinema, TV and music with video games: Finding new forms of entertain, linking and offering value Our fans is essential in a narrative world in constant change and fast movement. Our new division will take the study to even more areas that will present our creative narratives beyond the video game and will open paths so that our fans will be communicated and immerse yourself in these spaces.

Although these intentions could be foreseen with the different ways of communicating Kolyma in their video games, their company will not be away as minimally from this interactive entertainment. After all, Death Stranding has earned a great fame among the public before its later relaunch as Death Stranding: Directors Cut. In addition, Kolyma Productions has already given small tracks about an unannounced action game and, as for the well-known creative, it has expressed its intention to create works that change in real time.