After 17 years there is a new Salto World Record World of Warcraft. And the elf did not even have to hand himself…

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There are numerous achievements and success in World of Warcraft. But not all of them really give an achievement in the game. There are plenty of special achievements that have just burned into the mind of the players. This can be the levels at level 60 without chosen a specialization or — as in this case — particularly many salts than night elf.

What happened? The Reddit User Singactdirect has linked a small video from your Twitch channel in the Subreddit of World of Warcraft. In it, you can see the night Elf Kittypurry, which hops a little on the spot — well waiting for the redrawn of defeat. It starts with a few normal cracks, then a Salto. Then another Salto. And another one. And still a… whopping 17 times in a row overflows the brooding and puts on a new world record.

Why is that especially? Night elves (and blood elves) have two jump animations in contrast to all other peoples. An ordinary and then a role. Night elves make a SALTO there. The chance that this second animation comes is 50%. If you create the whopping 17 times in a row, the chance is disappearing slightly 0.0007%!

Community reacts amused: In the community of World of Warcraft, this success comes well, but most of the players have memories of how they tried their night elf one or the other time to set up such a record — and mostly after 4 or give up 5 jumps.

I thought I would have been in DATA Cool when I managed 5 Salts in a row…
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However, one has to say that the record can only be observed by a self. So it requires a video proof to hold it. Because for other players the display of the animation is randomized. While the actual night eleven players sees a Salto, other players could see the usual jump animation around him.

This means that on the other side, however, that maybe you have already set up such a record — just from the point of view of another player — without notice.

But it’s nice to see that this 17-year-old WoW tradition of night elf Salts has still existed in the season of the championship.