In addition to lots of cheaper hardware, the Black Week, this year again some particularly favorable mobile rates. So you get in handyvertrag.DE currently such as 12 GB data volume + Flat for just 9.99 euros per month. — Best Price !

The Black Week is in full swing and next consoles, games and PC components, many mobile phone contracts are massively reduced. Some great deals can be found currently at handyvertrag.DE. There the connection Price is bisected, and the rates offered are each best in their category. The offers are up to 25.11. Valid.

Straight to the offers of handyvertrag.DE

12 GB data volume + Flat: How good is the Black Deal

For almost ten euros a month gets her nowhere as much as here. According to price comparison sites is the next best offer with 12 GB of data + Flat of blue and costs 13.99 euros per month. In handyvertrag.DE saves you therefore in direct comparison all four Euro — every single month!

If desired, you can also keep it nice flexible tariff. Ye have the choice between a minimum term of 24 months and the variant can in her notice month. First is free, for the latter you pay a connection fee. This will cost you normally 19.99 euro is currently but lowered, so you only 9,99 EUR have to shell out.

Your telephone number can you naturally comfortable and above all free to the new provider to take. Just give them in the order process and takes care of everything else.

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To offering

The supplier handyvertrag.DE is a superb online Drillisch Group. It is a reputable provider with whom ye need not worry about hidden costs or make like. With handyvertrag.DE you surf the fast and stable network of Telefonica.

Now 12 GB data volume + Flat for just 9.99 euros per month. To back up

the best alternative: 6 GB of data for just 5.99 euros per month.

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If you’re looking for a cell phone contract with slightly less volume of data, we can recommend from handyvertrag.DE you also an offer. Monthly for only 5.99 euro you get here 6 GB of data + All net Flat. Also, this is currently the best value for the tariff. Saving compared to direct competitors their you here yet two euros a month.

Otherwise, the conditions are but the same as above. The connection fee is only 9.99 euros. For this you get then the possibility month to terminate and switch to another tariff. If you opt directly for Minimum contract period of 24 months, the connection fee is completely eliminated. The Number Portability is again free.

Other features: 6 GB data volume + Flat for just 5.99 euros per month.

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