Video Kolyma is known for crazy ideas and sloping concepts — Who else wants a game that changed in real time or create your own game from a single pun? Exactly that makes for many but also the fascination this man, no wonder so that fans keep his work closely in mind.

Norman Reedus & Hideo Kojima interview | Countdown To Death Stranding
And as Kolyma shared on Twitter, he seems to be knee-deep in the next project. The background of the photos shown there is quite blurred and also all involved with their backs to the camera. However, this does not stop fans from making them tasks about the possible participants.

Kolyma’s new project: Are Norman Reeds and Mads Mikkelsen?

Several comment writers believe in recognizing the picture Norman Reeds and Mads Mikkelsen. The two actors are not only for their roles in Death Stranding, Kolyma’s last work, known, they also often show themselves with the Metal Gear Solid Creator in public and on social media.

At any rate, hairstyles and physique of photographed people were indispensable for some enough indications to assess the assumption of Mikkelsen and Reeds. Kolyma’s picture heading is unfortunately used to cryptically and therefore there is no real information: Lately, I have looked at the plan and script again and experiment with everything else.

It remains exciting what Kolyma’s project is exactly. Although a video game would probably be most obvious, it could also be a movie. Finally, in his company Kolyma Productions, he has just opened his own department for film, television and music and after ever Kolyma has always had a finalization for the cinematic staging.

Also, Geoff Kafka seems to be very fascinated by Kolyma’s work, he commented the photo with a corresponding Emoji. Whether that may be an indication that we see more of Kolyma’s project at the upcoming Game Awards 2021, which on 9 . December be held?

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Source: Video Kolyma on Twitter

From Jonas Roger
24.11.2021 at 17:48