Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition has not counted on a return to the height of the legend it represents. The collection of these three iconic games had a fairly polemic launch because of some striking errors that, little by little, the study seems to be solving with content updates.

Even before his developers, molders came to fix some of these failures, but as it is already a tradition in the community, these are not going to settle for troubleshooting. NGC has shared the work of Nigel, a fodder that has prepared a MOD package for the GTA collection to which GTA SA Project Texture Overhaul has called.

GTA San Andreas Trilogy Definitive Edition Modded - Project Texture Overhaul WIP With 4K Textures!

The whole that this fodder has prepared consists of a total of 85 complete new textures, which replace some of the most common games. Among them is new textures for the main roads, with asphalt textures at resolution 4k, we can also change the aspect of tiles, earth, rock or mud from the environment of San Fairly and the Saints.

90% of the textures of this mod are at 4K In the description of the mod that we can find in Nexus Mods, the Fodder has confessed that its intention is not to change all the textures of the game, but to improve those that They can call more our attention while we play. He also warns that this is a developing project and therefore, we can find some problems. 90% of the textures of this mod are 4k, although this will change in the future to reduce the size of the mod. If you want to know more about the remaster of the mythical trilogy of Rock star, remember that you have available our Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy The Definitive Edition analysis.