Game of Thrones [Gem UV ɹɹOʊNZ], also called the iron throne (according to the French title of the enchanting work of which it is adjusted), is a Fantasy American TV series created by David Benioff as well as DB Weiss, program between 17 April 2011 as well as May 19, 2019, on HBO in the USA simultaneously on HBO Canada in Canada.
This is the adaptation of the series of books composed by George RR Martin since 1996, legend renowned for its realistic look as well as by its several motivations from actual historical events, areas and personalities, such as the battle of the two-roses, the Wall of Hadrian or Henry VII Tudor.
In France, it has actually been transmitted given that June 5, 2011, on OCS Cine choc, end up being OCS shock, on Canal + given that January 10, 2013, and rebroadcast in clear on D8 (come to be C8) from October 28, 2013, as well as on D17 (now STAR) 2014.
The background of the series, situated on the make believe continents of Westeros and ESSS at the end of a summer of ten years, interlaces three large intrigues. The first intrigue informs Jon Snow’s story as well as the future raising threat of winter months coming close to, legendary and epic animals from north Westeros wall that divides the kingdom from the 7 crowns of the danger situated beyond. The second intrigue relates the technique of Daenerys Targaryen, south of ESSS, (the last exile agent of the fallen empire) in order to resume the iron throne; sign of outright power. The 3rd intrigue story the history of the members of a number of noble households, in a civil battle to dominate the iron throne of the kingdom of the 7 crowns. Through these morally uncertain characters, the series explores the subjects pertaining to political power, climate change, the social hierarchy, religious beliefs, civil war, sexuality and also physical violence in general.
Game of Thrones has gotten a remarkably huge as well as energetic worldwide fan base. The collection has been well-known by the majority of criticism, although some have discharged reservations regarding the high quantity of violence and sex in the story. She has gotten lots of honors, consisting of a Hugo reward for the ideal significant fiction as well as a Peabody Honor, along with ten premix time Emmy Awards — including 3 to the very best dramatic series for the first three seasons — two nominations at the Golden Globes. Within a considerable circulation primarily made up of British actors, the American actor Peter Dinklage won the Emmy Award along with the Golden Globe of the very best star in a 2nd duty for his interpretation of Tyrion Lannister. The British actor Set Harrington won the Young Hollywood Awards of the most effective star for his interpretation of Jon Snow. The British starlet Emilia Clarke won the Gracie Allen Awards of the ideal actress in a remarkable collection for his analysis of Danes Targaryen. In 2013, the Writers Guild of America called 40th 101 the most effective written collection in the history of television. To date, Game of Thrones is one of the most illegally downloaded and install television collection in the world. In 2015, the series got in the publication of documents as one of the most relayed series on the planet, with 173 countries. It is likewise among one of the most pricey series in history, the budget of season 6 being $100 million, or 10 million per episode.

Still, the number of players decreases from New World, which could ensure, where appropriate, will soon die out that the first server. Amazon reacts with server consolidations.

Update of November 18, 2021:

New World: After power is a low

Amazon Games the situation with New World has probably presented differently, especially since the game was saved from players initially barely. Now, however, the opposite is the case. According to the site Steam charts the game was a few weeks ago average inspire 400,000 simultaneous players for itself, now the multiplayer RPG at around 100,000 has arrived.

Suffer especially smaller servers, because without enough players breaks the whole economic system together. The need anyway much join — so much that Amazon temporarily abschaltete server recently after several Duping cases were discovered. Players have duplicated high value items such as home accessories for the endgame and even gold. Counterproductive for one anyway weak system.

New World - A Response to the Fans (and more bugs)
Of course, that does not go unnoticed, and despite the lack players had Amazon remained start a spell wave that affected at the end of more than 1,200 accounts.

We have blocked a total of over 1,200 players because these exploits permanently, its articles of the economy away and their entries deleted in the trading post. We have acted resolutely against obvious culprits on November 2 and the accounts of the worst offenders are permanently disabled, thereby removing over 80% of the ill-gotten coins and objects from the economy were so Alexandra Community Manager on the official blog.

How to proceed with New World remains to be seen. First, are a few servers will be merged.

(Source: Steam charts, Dev Blog)

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original contribution of 14 November 2021:

Only to New World could not save them from players, but only shortly after the release of the game Amazon Games now has to contend with lack of players. The first server will soon be merged.

New World: The player numbers fall rapidly

After several delays Amazon’s first attempt in the MMO genre on September 28, 2021. Appeared first, it was a resounding success, so shot New World in the charts quickly to the top. The popularity of the game has now apparently but removed again — this could be, among others, bugs like the gold doubling that almost paralyzed the economy in the game.

With the update, it is 1:05 Amazon managed to address some problems, but apparently recorded on some servers a strong population decline. Now, the group reacts with the merger. The announced New World developer Kay on the official forum:

Hi, bringing together the worlds is imminent, but still requires further testing before we are confident enough to use the technology to live worlds. As you can imagine, we are overly cautious in view of the first rocky weeks.

Keep the official news section out for an early update of our community managers on this issue.

Is New World something for you? In the trailer you can make you an impression:

New tokens for a server changes are possible

Forum most fans respond positively to this news, but some players have their token for a server transfer now virtually wasted. This includes forum users Karina.

Is there any hope of a second transfer token for those of us who have used the first to join friends and now stuck on dead servers? I know it’s early, it’s only noon, but according to the database of New World are on my server just 167 people online. Change every day more people the server.

As much as bugs and exploits also annoying, I could handle it… but it’s hard to play a game like this, when there are not many others with whom you can play.

But it seems so, as if these players lucky because developers Kay replied, that there is hope there.

(Source: New World Forum)

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