After previously two defeats in a row, the John with 3: 1 against Dresden ended his small thirsty route immediately again. In this league you can quickly get into a negative strudel. It is important that we have interrupted that, said coach Perseid Selimbegovic.

Keeper Alexander Meyer explained: We are all facilitated. But you have to leave something the church in the village. Even if we have lost two games one behind the other, it does not mean that we are in a crisis. In the 2nd league You win against everyone, but also lose.

Smaller: My last goal was really long ago

At 3: 1, with Benedict Smaller, Kan Caliskanner and Basis Madrid, there were three scorers, which were not allowed to cheer in the past so often about hits. Today it finally worked again. My last goal was really long ago, said Smaller. Namely, almost two and a half years: On July 28, 2019, at 3: 1 against Bochum had hit the right-back last.

With Caliskanner and Madrid Selimbegovic changed the duo, which caused the double strike in the final phase. With the changes we pulled the game again on our side, Selimbegovic analyzed and said about the attitude of his troupe: Never give up, deal with setbacks, always carry on.

Dresden curse broken

For Regensburg, it was the first victory in the ninth second division duel with the fear opponent Dynamo. At some point you have to start with it, commented Smaller the broken curse.

2012-09-25 - 01 SVS

With 28 points, the John has only a counter backlog in place 2. This is currently evidenced by Darmstadt — last opponent of the Regensburg in this calendar year (19 December). Previously, however, it is still after Dagenham (Sunday, 1:30 pm, live! At thirsty route), marriage Welder Bremen with a new trainer (Friday evening, December 10).

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