During the last weeks, Michael «Shroud» Greedier has spent a lot of time transmitting New world on Twitch, and it is clear that she is a great admirer. However, in the free time of him, he still dedicates many hours to Munro from Warcraft, and the transmitter would prefer to leave one of those two games on the other. He was recently asked Shroud if he thinks about New world, while Wow attacks, and quickly explained exactly why he’s still dedicated to Warcraft. Surprisingly, he has absolutely nothing to do with the game itself!

All the time. Wow, F King Blow. Literally, I just play it for people. That is all. That damn game stinks, said Should. During the current. Then he explained that the squad of him would be fine without him, but he feels that he would disappoint him if he resigned.

It is hard to imagine that this is the only reason why Shroud continues to play for Warcraft, but it is possible that he has really lost much of his passion for the game. Having a new MMO to play has probably played some factor, but the transmitter is clearly not happy with Activision Blizzard at this time. As Desert points out, in September, he was asked Should to transmit Munro from Warcraft, and he replied that the game does not deserve his broadcast. This seemed to be a reference to the accusations of racism, sexism and culture of fraternity boys who have shaken the company during the last months, which has also led to multiple changes in Warcraft.

Launch of Amazon Game Studios New world in September, and the game has clearly found a faithful fanatic in the last two months. It is difficult to say if new world will be able to maintain the kind of passionate follow-up that Warcraft has, but having transmitters like Should invested in the game can only help that cause.

Shroud Explains New INVINCIBILITY EXPLOIT! (new world)

New world is now available, exclusively for PC. Readers can check our previous game coverage right here.

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