Wow, abbreviated WoW, is a computer system parlor game (Warcraft) of the United States video game designer Blizzard Enjoyment by means of the Net. It was published in 2004 for the first time, in Europe it showed up in 2005, later in various other countries, amongst other things in individual’s Republic of China.
Wow, got 2009 the Guinness World Document for the most popular multiplayer online parlor game. By July 2012, the video game generated over 10 billion US dollar sales as well as made it the most successful computer system video game. To play World of Warcraft, a monthly fee must be paid. There are additionally a cost-free Starter Version connected with constraints.
Considering that the relocation of the basic variation, the Burning Campaign (2007), Rage of the Rich King (2008), Tragedy (2010), Mists of Mandarin (2012), Warlords of Drano (2014), Myriad (2016), Fight For Zeroth (2018) and Shadow lands (2020) published. In 2019, a re-publication of the basic variation as well as 2021 released a re-publication of The Burning Crusade.

Season of Mastery is an attempt to breathe a new life in World of Warcraft Classic. Pretty success, because these servers are even popular. Players generally point out that Blizzard could do something like that before or even at the very beginning, not now. Nevertheless, you have to use, since there is an opportunity, right?

Provided, of course, that everything works as you need. The assumption of seasonal servers was to create a new form playing on a specially modified World of Warcraft Classic. You know, faster expire, slightly different parts of the game, etc. Each player had to start with zero so that the adventure was honest. It turns out, however, that… not everyone.

Players World of Warcraft Classic Season of Masters noticed on one server that had unusual equip om. He came from activities that are still inaccessible. It’s hard to imagine that someone run around the world in full T3 set or knew corrupted ash bringer when these objects are not yet available at the current time. As it turned out?

Why EVERYONE is QUITTING World of Warcraft
Blizzard has inaccurately turned off the transfers of the character or a fabulous error appeared. As a result, you could move heroes from the World of Warcraft Classic to World of Warcraft Classic Season of Mastery, thus disturbing the economy of the game. And in fact, some players discovered such a possibility and immediately flooded the server on which such a possibility was discovered. The amount of illegal gold, which was taken up with each other, made Auction House experienced hard moments.

Fortunately, now everything should come back to normal. Blizzard was informed about the problem, he turned off the Lionhearted server on which this situation took place and fixed everything. Progressed characters returned home, gold disappeared from the server, and now you can play again without worry. The company ensures that all confusion will not affect the quality of playing on the Lion heart server.

It remains to be hoped that Blizzard actually caught all people who have benefited from the transfer, and also that this error also does not occur anywhere else. Now it is not known if somewhere on the Season of Mastery servers do not hide undocumented migrants from World of Warcraft Classic.