The Game Pass is currently a strong offer when your games want to enjoy as flatmate. Now there are rumors that Sony wants to prepare a similar offer for the PS4 and PS5. Mango explains what it’s about.

Currently, you can subscribe to two different services on the PS4 and on the PS5 with PS Plus and PS Now. But now the online magazine Bloomberg had explained that Sony is probably working on a new project named Spartacus (via

From where the information comes? The information comes from persons familiar with the Sony’s plans and additionally from documents that Bloomberg could see according to their own statements. Further information comes from a person who does not want to be named, since he did not have permission to talk to the press.

Behind Spartacus probably a completely new subscription model with the Sony allegedly wants to offer a new competition for the Game Pass of Microsoft.

New subscription model should associate PS Plus and PS Now

What is the current situation? At the current time (4.12.2021) there are PS Plus and PS Now. PS plus is currently prerequisite for most online games and offers a few free games. PlayStation Now offers you the opportunity to stream or download older games.

In the new subscription model Sony allegedly wants to convert these two systems into a convert and even more features. Overall, there should be three stages of the subscription model:

The first stage would include the famous benefits of PS Plus like multiplayer and a few free games.
The second stage would, similar to the Game Pass, would provide some PS4 games for free.
The third stage would offer advanced demos, gaming streaming and a library with classic PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games.

New subscription model should be available on the PS4 and on the PS5

Where to use the new subscription? According to Bloomberg, the new subscription should be available both on the PS4 and on the PS5 and should give you access to numerous games.

It is probably not surprising that the PS4 should also enjoy the new subscription, as the PlayStation 4 has been sold over 100 million times so far and many users still play on the old console. Because the PS5 is always sold out everywhere and is hardly available.

RUMOR: New PS Plus Tier with PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP Games. Sony will Combine PS Now & PS Plus Together.
But it could be quite possible that Sony makes the new subscription model slightly more extensive for subscribers with PS5, as Microsoft provides certain games in his Game Pass only Xbox players. Sony also provides PS5 owners with 20 free games to which PS4 players have no access. But that’s just a conjecture and has not been confirmed by any page.

The Xbox Game Pass offers a lot of games at the moment time, which can be played by flatmate. Among other things, you get a few great MMOs when you invest 10 euros a month:

The Xbox Game Pass are the best €10, which can just invest an MMO fan