Ever heard of Poppy Playtime? MOB Games Small Gruel game appeared on October 12, 2021, on Steam and has been impressive since then many positive USER valuations (91 percent of 9,115 reviews so far). The small price of 3.99 euros but has a reason: so far there is only one chapter, so the circumference is limited. The second section is currently in development.

Suddenly a krypton game

That we are now discussing Poppy Playtime has a reason. For a short time, the developers of Poppy Playtime on Sweet.Io sell a total of 30,000 NFTs, which are advertised as First Line Of Digital Collectibles for the Gruel game. Each 5,000 of the NFTs are one of the six posters, and only those who buys all six posters for about $15 each, gives access to a seventh poster with which a secret releases around the mystery of Poppy Playtime — so the promise.

Some players are not too happy that they should now spend almost 90 US dollars to learn more about the Lore or the history of the very short game so far, or in general that the developers support NFTs. This shows the negative reviews clearly, which were last on Steam, but also this tweet:

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How will Steam react?

Noteworthy is this case but also because Poppy Playtime is offered on Steam. We remember: The Valve Responsible had first banned in October various games with cryptocurrencies or NFTs from their platform, and also adapted the Steamworks documentation in which it is clearly regulated which prerequisites Publisher and developers have to fulfill, To offer your games to Valves distribution platform Steam.

There it says since October 2021 under the point What you should not publish on Steam:

Poppy Playtime Selling NFTs? Angry Fans and New Clues

Applications Built On Blockchain Technology That Issue Or Allow Exchange of Cryptocurrencies Or NFTs.

So far, Steam did not respond to this new offer around Poppy Playtime. Possibly because the sale is running over another platform? Has MOB Games discovered a permitted gray zone here? If that is the case, other games could copy this type of NFT implementation and design comparable offers. After all, 321 posters have already been sold for Poppy Playtime.

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