With a sensational Holder allusion, Jews Bellingham had expressed his frustration about the performance of Felix Player after the Dortmund 2: 3 defeat against Bavaria. That the DFB Sports Court occupied the BVB-Youngster on Tuesday with a fine, however, the referee is not enough.

I want to clarify the most in a personal conversation with Jude Bellingham and offered such a personal conversation to Borussia Dortmund, said Player on Tuesday the picture. I’m not concerned with punishment, but about the insight that he has gone too far. I would accept a sincere apology.

Player about Bellingham’s question: That may not stop

Bellingham’s allusion still annoys Player. The statement deliberately arouses the wrong impression, I would not have led the game to the best of our knowledge and conscience. She is personally, mutually and disrespectful. Even if you put yourself from the subjective perspective of emotions, the statement remains away from any professional or factual criticism.

Bellingham’s final question What do you expect? has for Player even offensive and slanderous character. That must not stop. He also deals with the radiance on the referees and referees in the amateur sector and the refusal in dealing with all referees — also me — off the square. Finally, behind each referee, player and coach a person with emotions and a background as well as their families.

Player: I never participated in a game manipulation

Player was closed in 2006 by the DFB Sports Court for six months, among other things, because he should not have not reported the game manipulations, and to have accepted money from Scandal Robert Holder. Now the referee clears again: I never participated in a game manipulation and that has never been claimed by official body.

Jude Bellingham fined $45,000 for comments about referee Felix Zwayer

Because: The sports court expressly stated that there is no ‘proof’ for ‘with manipulation intention of sports’ decisions ‘and that I have resisted actual participation in the game manipulations (…)’, says Player. I made the mistake as a young man, not immediately, but only after a long consideration to indicate an incident. That was wrong, and I have been punished for this. But it must be good.