Horst Eckel - der letzte Held von Bern 1954 gegen Ungarn ist tot #3
National player were always. Thank you. National player you will always stay. Horst. So it stood on a loop between many wreaths in the small mourning hall in the Palatinate Vogelbach. With a moving and appropriate humble celebration, German football has taken farewell to Horst Nickel on Thursday. The World Champion of 1954 was died as the last player of the Under of Bern last Friday at the age of 89 years.

On his birthday and last place of residence, next to Eels family and friends also gathered former sizes of the 1st FC Kaiserslautern such as ex-world champion Miroslaw Close, fans, officials such as DFB interim president Trainer Koch and villagers. The Rhineland-Palatinate Interior Minister Roger Lorentz also proved Nickel the last honor. The former world-class referee and today’s FCC official Markus Mark approved Nickel as an idol, hero, legend.

Otto Raphael traveled for the funeral Horst Eels. Picture alliance / DPA

Pastor Thomas Riser spoke of an admirable people: he remained in his modesty himself. The funeral celebration took place in the closest family circle, but was transferred outside. Six former FCC professionals around Andreas Bremen and Hans-Peter Bruegel wore the grave to the grave at drizzle, after the football hymn You’ll Never Walk Alone sounded.

His warmth was contagious : reactions to the death of Horst Nickel

A funeral as you wanted Nickel

The football idol leaves his wife Bangalore, with which he was married 64 years, as well as his daughters Dagmar and Susanne and two grandchildren. The last one in his 1500 inhabitant location, the grave removed only a few hundred meters from his house — so Nickel had wished. He fell asleep very softly. It was just his time now, Dagmar Nickel had said about her father.

The right external runner belonged as the youngest with 22 years of the Captain Fritz Walter, which won the final in 1954 in the continuous rain against the great favorite Hungary after a 0: 2 residue with 3: 2. In the world championship team stood with Nickel, Fritz and Ottoman Walter, Werner Toolmaker and Werner Liberia equal five players from Kaiserslautern. Nickel had the nickname the greyhound and played 32 international matches.

Hans-Peter Bruegel and Andreas Bremen were a guest at the funeral. Picture alliance / DPA

The Miracle of Bern was a signal for the political and economic departure in Germany nine years after the end of World War II. The 2002 captain Fritz Walter was a fatherly friend for Nickel. When asked if he believes he, at some point in heaven, said Nickel in front of a good year: I hope it. Then we continue with the football as we made it earlier. It was a nice time.

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