In the night of December 14, the drivers of Ferrari Esports Series went to a lot driven on the racing platform Ghetto Cora. The main profit: Member in the Ferrari Drivers Academy, which corresponds to a junior power center. From there, with intensive promotions of the jump succeed to the top of the Piercings. Three races in IMOCA, Barcelona and Arguello should make the decision.

From two groups each of 50 drivers, the best 24 for these finals were carried out. The Write Issac Price and French Arnaud Wycombe moused by their group victory to the favorite on the overall victory. However, both in the first race in IMOCA had to plug in a heart.

Time penal as a shock for Price

The two stars collided, the polluter Price received even a time penalty of 15 seconds — in motorsport an eternity. Beneficiaries This carambolage was the pole Kamil Wazowski, who was allowed to climb the supreme podium after the first race.

However, Price tried to turn the leaf again. Since he such the time gentlemen in place seven back and thus had already 19 points behind Wazowski, the mission was clear to him: two perfect races in his part and hope for a slip-up of his counterparty.

Price uses errors — Wazowski

In fact, the hope germinated: When you stop in a curve, the pole drove out too far out what Price exerted and overtook inside. From then on, he finished the race sovereign and wanted to set a mental character with a distance of over three seconds.

However, that had the cold leading to the overall standings so far, because: He crossed the finish line as second, which makes the points’ clearance slightly. In addition, this mistake seemed to motivate it.

In the last and decisive race, on the Tuscan hill in Arguello, he did not let the smoke a chance of the British. With over five seconds, he rushed into the goal and decided the Ferrari Esports Series for himself.

As a result, Wazowski beckons not only prestige, but also the dream of all Ferrari drivers: a place in the Ferrari Drivers Academy. There has been an ESPORT department since 2019.