Nintendo has announced that Top here, where they have also presented some of their mechanics and more relevant modes.

From a first moment they point out that everyone can participate, regardless of their skill level, thus promising an accessible game for any type of player, and this will do so through several main modes. On the one hand there is the story mode, which when moving forward will unlock new characters and circuits in four races, things that have already been looking at the Grand Prix of the Mario Saga. There are also the serial racing mode (something similar to any exhibition mode in racing games), the best time mode (a countermelody that will allow running against ghosts from other players), a custom racing mode under our own conditions and a multiplayer Local and online with tournaments of up to 64 players.

Chocobo GP – Release Date Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

Apart from the chooses themselves as playable characters, there are many other mythical names of the Final Fantasy Saga, such as a Yogurt, Vivid (FF IX), Steiner (FF IX) or Terra (FF VI), each with its own features and mechanical. They will have to compete through the circuits of Chicago GP while making use of magician and special skills that can change the falling of races.

Chicago GP will come out on March 10, 2022, for Nintendo Switch.