Small claustrophobic maps, a simple shooting model and a dozen or so people on a server — this is how most of the current Morphs games look like.

Well, Crowd ~~ will be ~~ is different. It’s an ambitious production from Koreans from Royal crow, which offers battles on a gigantic scale. With a large world, hundreds of players in the middle, who using rifles and various machines (cars, tanks, helicopters, etc.) try to take over the enemy territory.

A few hours ago, the second beta weekend (17-19 December) began. Invited people can already drive on servers…


As for the rest of people, you can still register for CBT (on Steam) and wait for your turn. Royal crow has already confirmed that at the beginning of the year another beta tests will take place.

Remember also about hardware requirements. Crowd is a modern game that requires a good, perfect computer (I7, 16g RAM and RTX3060 processor in recommended settings).