Borderlands: The pre-sequel (in Spanish Borderlands: Pre-sequel) is an innovator of the Borderlands 2 computer game, established by 2K Australia, with the assistance of Transmission Software, as well as published by 2K Games, being the third game released by the Borderlands Legend.

The first details about The wolf between us 2 have been revealed. The long-awaited sequel was announced in 2019, at The Game Awards. In spite of this, we almost do not have details about the game, or at least we had them until recently. Now, we have a lot of featured details about the game, although there are still no information platforms or a launch date.

The new information dump has revealed that the game takes place six months after the first game events. At this time, you do not know how much or how little the elections made by the players did in the first game, but it is supposed to take into account all the options, especially if it is a continuation, it seems. This.

Interestingly, it is observed that several ideas that were eliminated from the first game during development will be reviewed in the sequel, which is linked to the belief that this will be a proper and well-made continuation. That said, neither will it be more than the first game, since Telltale Games confirms that the sequel focuses mainly on the new fables. In addition to this, Telltale Games also affirms that the city in which the game is developed will play a more important role in the sequel, presumably through exploration.

TELLTALE GAMES also provided information on the development of the game, and noted that the script has been completed and the work of capture of movement is currently underway. Meanwhile, Telltale affirms that the sequel will finally have more time in the oven, that is, development time, than any previous TELLTALE game. In other words, it ensures that the sequel is correct.

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